Introducing Tea Sprinkles ™: BOOST

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Look at that to-do list! Don’t worry, we have a feeling you’re gonna crush it! This powerhouse blend of organic matcha, ginger, and lemon will have you in that Hustle and Flow mode. You got this!

Sometimes you need the extra push to stay in the groove. Kick start your day or afternoon slump with this spicy citrus combo. The natural benefits are endless to your body and your mind!

Matcha, the energy holy grail, is just as important to the mind as it is the body. Mood boosting matcha enhances your mood and concentration keeping you fresh and focused. In addition, it boosts your metabolism making sure your body is in check! Another aid to the body in this blend is ginger. Ginger is here to assist your digestive process and reduce to nausea keeping you feeling on top of your game. The last ingredient in BOOST is lemon which enhances vitamin C and boosts immunity giving you the strength to power through anything. 

When's the perfect time for BOOST? Check out what we think...


In the morning: Start off strong!

At work: Hitting that afternoon slump? It’s time for a boost!

Pre workout: Kick start your workout with a bang!


After workout: Feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

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