Introducing Tea Sprinkles ™: GLOW

Introducing Tea Sprinkles ™: GLOW

Give some love to the skin you’re in. This glowing blend of organic hibiscus, brightening rose hips, tart cherry, and a dash of cinnamon will get you glowin’.

Make your skin radiant! This sweet and spicy combination will have your skin making you feel like a new you! All of the ingredients in GLOW promote healthier, hydrated skin; therefore making it the perfect addition to your skin regimen or routine.

Hibiscus is just as good for your skin, as it is beautiful. Bringing the flower power, hibiscus increases moisture in skin and controls breakouts leaving you with clear radiant skin. Working with hibiscus for clearer skin, the next ingredient, cinnamon clears blemishes and soothes dry skin keepin’ you bright and glowin’. Meanwhile, rose hips reduces fine lines and corrects dark spots, giving you the smooth timeless skin you deserve. Topping it all off, the last ingredient and antioxidant packed tart cherry is working to aid all of these.

When should you get glowin’? It's hard to make time for skin regimen, but now you can add it to teatime! Here are some other ways to stay radiant...


In the morning: Give your skin a morning wake up call with some glow love.

Before bed: Add it to your night time skin regimen and feel fresh!

A night out on the town: Get your glow on for a night with your girl squad or a hot date!