3 Tips For Reflecting on 2020

3 Tips For Reflecting on 2020

While we can all agree 2021 was not what we expected -- reflect and celebrate moments big + small! Give a toast to yourself with a big ol' mug of tea.



While planning + goal setting look a little different this year, don't be so hard on yourself! Here are some tips we've gathered to get you going.

Reflection Tips:

1. Reflect on moments big + small. How did those impact you? Write it down in a journal or make note of it.
2. This past year we've learned that plans can get derailed! Take what you've learned and apply it to your mindset for the year. Think mindset when approaching ideas or scenarios vs. crossing off actual goals.
3. Add more moments for YOU! Our Decaf Sampler is a great treat to kick off the year and features some of our most relaxing teas.

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 Reflection Words:

"During this difficult year, I found myself reflecting on all of the things in my life that I have been neglecting and ways to improve that — catching up with old friends, checking in with family, and appreciating the little things. Working from home has me seeing how much my kids are growing up and changing — it's been so soul-soothing to reflect on with a cup of tea." - Lisa, Tea Drops Senior Graphic Designer



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