Updates from Sashee

Updates from Sashee

There’s been so much excitement at the Tea Drops’ HQ these last few months. To think we are already halfway done with the year already is shocking; time has evaporated and we're all feeling that summer heat! I still feel so lucky to be working on a mission that’s important to me -- building community and connection through tea. I started alone on this mission in 2015 and over time we have cultivated a team and community that also aligns with our ambition to revolutionize the tea industry.

I’ve taken some time to reflect on the past 6 months. We’ve undergone significant transformations as a brand and as a company. We don't always have all of the answers, but we still walk forward - asking for help along the way as we progress in our mission. Some notable highlights these past few months include: 


We’ve moved offices...twice. We are pros at moving and experts at underestimating our spatial needs. We thought we could all fit into our first office, I soon realized that my optimistic side had gotten the best of me. We’ve moved and  happily call Industrious DTLA home. They have provided an awesome working community for us to thrive.


People often talk about the business aspect of entrepreneurship -- growing a team, identifying business metrics, increasing revenue. But, not much is said about the emotional transformation that takes place in the entrepreneur. You learn way more about yourself than you even want to sometimes. I get pretty candid about my journey on this episode of Hey,Girl Podcast with Alex Elle about the journey.

Empowered women empower women: In a world that constantly feels plagued with sad news, there are these centers of goodness. The Tory Burch Foundation is one of those centers. Designer & CEO, Tory Burch provides resources and capital to help women business owners thrive including her Fellows Program that I recently participated in. I still can’t believe Tea Drops won $100,000 business grant out of 800+ female entrepreneurs. You can read more about this amazing experience here.

Just as people evolve, so do brands. Earlier this year, we underwent a transformative rebrand that illuminates our core values: Being California born, woman owned, and organically produced. Read more about our Brand refresh here

And to think...the best is yet to come :)

Your support in this journey keeps us inspired. Thank you for your positivity and love of tea. 

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