October Tea + Chat Box: Glow Inside + Out

October Tea + Chat Box: Glow Inside + Out



This month is all about glowing from the inside and out! From skincare to mental health, you have control over how you glow! We are excited to bring you this month’s box where you’ll be able to learn about ways to care for yourself from the inside to the outside. Our founder, Sashee, gives us some tips to step up our glow game.



What's Inside:

- 4 Tea Varieties for a total of 16 tea drops, including GLOW Tea Sprinkles.
- A DIY challenge to get your glow on! 
- Exclusive self-care tips from our founder, Sashee
- A full size Glow Tonic from Pixi Beauty -- so you can get radiant, glowing skin!

All for $25/month!