Peace Amidst The Chaos

Peace Amidst The Chaos

While we are all adjusting to a new normal, I want to take a moment to thank our community for supporting us even as your own lives turn upside down. Your messages, social tags, and tea purchases have such bright lights for our team. 

As a business owner, these past two weeks are some of the hardest I’ve endured. I know I’m not alone. This will be a defining moment for each of us - whether we are a business owner or not. I’ve been thinking about how, if we can take a step back from the “crisis” of it all, there is a  bigger lesson for humanity here. This moment has beckoned us to slow down, reflect, and to ask a lot of questions that we may have held off. I know that has certainly been the case for myself. 

Even in isolation, community has never been so necessary. Our mission remains: to create magical tea moments that connect you to what’s important. Brew a cup of tea, FaceTime an old friend, and make that connection. 

We’re working diligently to ensure that our production and fulfillment partners are healthy, adhering to the strictest hygienic routines, and able to keep up with demand. I want to thank each member of the Tea Drops team for working tirelessly (and remotely) amidst this disruption to still deliver on the magical tea moments you’ve come to know and love. 

May Tea Drops continue to provide cups of peace amidst the chaos. 

With Optimism & Gratitude, 

Sashee Chandran

Founder & CEO