Quilt: A New Way for Working Women to Connect

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A community where working women can thrive and learn from one another? It exists! Quilt. Quilt offers many opportunities for women to come together in one space and expand their horizons as both individuals and professionals. It starts with empowering women opening up their homes as spaces for intimate discussions, coworking, and expert-led educational ‘LearnShops’ to guide women. Aside from in person, this community also extends to online where women can connect in an online group and on a one on one basis through a personal directory.


This space becomes a place to learn from other entrepreneurs and women in business about raising capital, leadership skills, stress management, self care, and more! Recently, our founder, Sashee visited the Quilt community and helped lead a tea + chat session with Erica Berger, founder of TBD podcast, which included an intimate discussion about starting a business, leaving corporate jobs, raising capital, and staying sane while doing it all!

Tea Drops is proud to have participated in a Quilt chat and happy to sponsor many of the Quilt tea + chat sessions by serving our Tea Sprinkles! To learn more visit their site here.

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