REFRESH Tea Sprinkles Face and Body Scrub

REFRESH Tea Sprinkles Face and Body Scrub

A recipe you’ll thank us for later! Our functional Tea Sprinkles are filled with ingredients to help you live your best life. Add a little sprinkle to your skin! Below we’ve laid out all of the skin benefits of our Refresh Tea Sprinkles... Mix the listed ingredients together and scrub it on your skin, rinse, and feel refreshed!

1 Packet of Tea Sprinkles

3 Tablespoons of Sugar

2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil

1 Stick of Honey

Turmeric Skin Benefits - reduces inflammation and acne, as well as scarring.

Pineapple Skin Benefits -can produce collagen smoothing wrinkles and carries vitamin c and antioxidants.

Orange Peel Skin Benefits -carries vitamin C, calcium and B vitamins which promote anti aging properties.

Coconut Oil Skin Benefits -moisturizing and antibacterial.

Honey Skin Benefits- antibacterial and promotes anti-aging!