Tea Drops Astrology: Libra

Tea Drops Astrology: Libra

Introducing Tea Drops Astrology! 

Discover which teas fit your sign and shop our teas by your sign! Happy Libra Season -- read our Libra horoscope below.

Libra Horoscope

This year has a vibe that creates a romantic feel (almost out of a dream!) that will help you channel your senses to be more affectionate, loving, and forgiving than you usually are. In the next month, relationships are front and center. You are more willing to negotiate, but don’t let that make you become indecisive.

While you’re thinking of things in your life that don’t match like they’re expected to, try to find balance and peace to work out those love/hate relationships you might have.

Your inner and outer beauty during your birthday month is evident, and this attracts those who have gathered around you. The theme this year for you is decision-making, and though you always try to make everyone happy, this might not be the case for you this time around.

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