Tea Drops at La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Tea Drops at La Grande Epicerie de Paris


From the desk of Mae Chandran (Sashee's mom):


Sashee, my daughter, CEO and founder of Tea Drops called last week and said, “Mom, I’m booking you a ticket to Paris via London to help me demonstrate our teas from September 7th to the 10th at La Grande Epicerie de Paris.”  I knew for months that Tea Drops along with other selected Los Angeles food vendors was going to this grand market but hadn’t given it much thought. Now that I am actually going I started my research. I sat in amazement as I read through hundreds of 5 star reviews about this awesome food mecca for foodies like me!  

La Grande Epicerie de Paris located in the 7th arrondissement (district) is a more residential and certainly the most upscale and wealthy of all the 20 arrondissement of Paris.  Landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Musee d’Orsay, the Rodin Museum are close by. Established in 1923 and owned by Bon Marche, the world’s oldest department store, La Grande Epicerie de Paris literally means “the great grocer of Paris”.  It sells over 30,000 gourmet products from all over the world offering the crème de la crème groceries, fresh produce, wines and production kitchens. It has even developed its own brand in many departments. In an area called “La Cave” over 6,500 types of wines are available – ranging from lesser known vineyards to the most famous.  Wine tastings are offered daily. For cheese lovers, prepare to be overwhelmed! The selection is vast and simply the best from a country known for its cheeses! As for meat and seafood, expect the best and freshest! One of the more interesting aspects at Epicerie is that pastry chefs, cooks, bakers and apprentices work under the guidance of Jean-Jacques Masse, holder of the title “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Craftsman of France).  He expects these professionals to create the most exquisite dishes while respecting tradition! As a result people from all over the world visit this food paradise. Among the more unique display here is a floor-to-ceiling wall of bottled water from all over the world carrying more than 100 types of water! It is said that some are even good enough to bring instead of wine to a party! Whatever the product or display, management sees to it that only the finest gets any precious space at La Grande Epicerie. So for Tea Drops to be selected is an honor indeed!

I’ll let these quotes from all the fabulous reviews of La Grande Epicerie de Paris speak for themselves:

“most extensive collection of food products”

“high-end super market, very big selection of cheese, meat, seafood & wine”

 “This place has EVERYTHING.  It is a department store, gourmet market, restaurant all in one.”

 “Eataly is a dumpster compared to La Grande Epicerie de Paris”

   “a food lover’s Disneyland”

 “…has a great tea selection”

 “It’s like Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s had a baby & the baby is on high octane!”

Having been to Paris a number of times, perhaps I really haven’t seen the real Paris because I never visited or known about La Grande Epicerie de Paris! Although I will be very busy helping my daughter in the short time here, one can be sure that all my senses will be heightened and I will be very receptive to the sights, sound, taste, smell of this fabulous food mecca and  will explore all the food possibilities! Stay tuned!