30 Tea Gifts Every Tea-Lover Will DIE For

30 Tea Gifts Every Tea-Lover Will DIE For

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Whether seeking stocking stuffers or a pretty pick-me-up gift for someone special, tea treats are always the perfect gift. From kitsch kettles and teapots to curated collections of botanical blends and basic teabags, the world of tea takes us right back to our roots. Tea has been the chosen drink of emperors and queens for centuries. It has been used as a status symbol, a healing tonic, and even just a morning ritual to get you on your feet.


Tea is one of the oldest drinks in the world that is still as beloved today as it was all those years ago. History has shown that we started drinking tea back in the 3rd century AD and we have carried this tea making tradition right up until the 21st century (with no signs of slowing down). It’s a drink that is ceremonial in China, chai tea is served on every corner in India, a badge of endless hospitality in Morocco, after noon tea is still a home staple in England, and a recent big boom in the USA. It seems that we cannot get enough of tea.


While it could just be easy to brew up a bag, part of the pleasure of tea lies in the art of exploration. We have handpicked a range of gifts that cover every aspect of tea. From the scientific delight of getting the water temperature just right to the tongue in cheek charm of kitschy cups, gifts for tea lovers are sure to be a hit.


Whatever the occasion, tea devotees everywhere are sure to go gaga for these great gifts and gorgeous sips…


1. Tea Infuser 

tea infuser glass kettle


Take the guesswork out of brewing up and turn teamaking into equal measures art and science with this impressive digital electrical glass kettle with removable tea infuser. Loaded with presets, LED lights, digital steep times and so much more, this cool kettle infuser truly brings tea into the 21st century.


2. Teapot

For those who prefer tea the traditional way, this cute and chunky whistling kettle comes with some neat modern features inviting you to enjoy the best of both worlds. A keep cool handle ensures your fingers stay safe, the tea infusers invite awesome loose-leaf blending and tea tasting, and the generous capacity means you can keep topped up all day.


3. Loose-leaf tea set

birds eye view of nine different teas in round jars


From organic ginger jazz to turmeric chilli chai, this lush little loose leaf tea set is sure to expand your repertoire. The perfect gift for those who love to play with taste and flavor, there’s ten little tisanes and teas to savor.


4. Bonavita 1.7L Variable Temperature Control Tea Kettle, Stainless steel

Brew up your best cup with the elegant and super sophisticated Bonavita Electric Kettle in stainless steel. Endless awards, tasting tests, and accolades have fueled the design behind this kettle and with its gooseneck spout and one-degree incremental temperature controls for exact hot water specs, you can be sure of perfection every time.


5. Monthly subscription gift set

Who doesn’t want to be part of an amazing tea club? Sign up for a monthly subscription gift box for someone you love and let them enjoy a gift that keeps on giving. Every month they can sip and savor a lush little box each geared towards a specially picked theme and brimming with tea tastes and gorgeous goodies. For those who want to go beyond the basics of chamomile and English Breakfast, this tea subscription is sure to blow open your repertoire and invite you to explore a whole host of specially made herbal tea tastes and classic flavors too.


6. Loose leaf tea strainer

A darling loose leaf tea strainer made with love! This sweet and simple gift comes complete with a ceramic leaf charm. A loose-leaf strainer is the ultimate gift for freeing someone from reliance on tea bags and these single-use strainers are perfect stocking fillers.


7. Tumbler

glass tumbler with tea


Keep your tea warm and carry it with you wherever you go with this gorgeously streamlined glass tumbler complete with tea infuser. Beautifully put together, the high-quality glass, the rose gold lid, and the pearly white removable sleeve are the very pinnacle of style and class. Infuse water, carry your cold brew, and make sure your tea stays by your side with this Teabloom beverage tumbler.


8. Tea mug infuser

For the cup of tea lover in your life this simple and savvy Tea Mug Infuser from Sweezy is the only way to go. Perfect for those solo rituals, this cup comes with a lid and extra-fine hole infuser, not to mention a heatproof handle to guarantee that perfect cup of tea every single time. Porcelain made and in shades of royal blue, this tea mug infuser is as good as it gets when it comes to teacups.


9. Face mist with green tea and chlorella

Totally refreshing and here to keep your skin fresh and dewy all day long, this gentle face mist made with green tea and watery chlorella from Anthropologie reminds us that tea is so much more than a simple drink. Loaded with antioxidants and healing benefits, a quick spritz of this face mist can bring you back from the brink.


10. Earl grey tea candle

earl grey candle


Filled with a romantic fragrance, the Earl Grey Tea Candle is all citrus scents and soothing bergamot. For any tea lover who adores this aristocratic brew, this candle is sure to bring a wisp of warmth and an irresistible ambience to any room. The embossed jar and delicate details only add to the chic style of this hand-poured candle. For the earl grey lover in your life this is one of the best gifts to bring citrus joy all day.


11. Teabag holders

Cute up your cup of tea with these sweet snail-shaped teabag holders. Utterly adorable and splashed in shades of candy colors, these little snail shells can hold onto your tea bag making sure that your brew doesn’t fill with string and soggy paper. Exactly what you didn’t know you needed in your life!


12. Beauty Steep Tea Bag Eye Masks

Bring spa shades into your own home with these beauty steep tea bag eye masks. Pop these bags overtired and puffy eyes to freshen up your peepers. The best thing about these special bags is they have been designed to stay put on your face – no more cold and clammy tea bags sliding down your cheeks.


13. Matcha bowl set

Embrace the art of making Matcha tea with this beautiful and delicate Matcha Bowl Set. Complete with a bamboo whisk, ceramic bowl, bamboo teaspoon, tray and chasaku, this authentic style set invites you to curate your own Japanese tea rituals at home. For thousands of years, this has been the way to make Matcha and now you can heighten your tea drinking experience in the comfort of your own home.


14. Boba sampler

box of boba sample teas

Check out our Boba Deluxe Tea Sampler Set


Bring fun and frivolity make to your tea with this delicious Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Set Sampler. One of the most Instagrammable ways of brewing up the best tea, this modern Taiwanese style tea drink is so much fun. The milky tea, sweet toppings, and chewy tapioca balls are a true treat. This gift box comes with a whole range of different teas with intriguing flavor varieties, vegan and non-vegan creamers, and those tapioca pearls to bring that amazing aesthetic and taste to your tea.


15. Cast iron Japanese tea pot

Make tea-time feel like an ancient adventure with this heavy-duty cast iron Japanese tea pot. Made from solid cast iron this teapot can be popped directly on the stove or on any kind of hob you have. Holding a liter and a half of hot water and ready for loose leaf or bags means you can brew up just about any type of tea you please.


16. Tea leaf reading set

Go all Harry Potter on your tea habits and learn an ancient art with this tea leaf reading set. Brew up the black tea leaves in this special mug and after you finish sipping you can turn to the accompanying symbols to find out exactly what prophecies are in store for you.


17. Flower tea ritual gift set

flower tea gift set in pink box


Let your love of tea bloom with this flower tea ritual gift set. Drop your whole flower tea into the glass decanter and watch as it peels back its petals in a beautiful display of floral grace. From Shangri La Rose to Blue Lotus, these buds aren’t just beautiful but utterly delicious and oozing with healing properties too. This is a beautiful gift for the dreamy tea drinker in your life. 


18. Teabag cookie cutter

Perfect for throwing a tea party, these teabag cookie cutters make such cute little sweet treats to slip on the saucer next to a steaming cup of tea. You can pick the teabag shape or even go all the way and add the teacup and teapot cookie cutters too. A completely cute gift, the baker in your life will adore these.


19. Cactus coaster set

Cute and kitsch, this is our favorite kind of tea gift for all you tea lovers out there. This cactus coaster set is handmade from wood and goes from cactus plant to coaster set in seconds. A terracotta pot, six water-resistant coasters, and birch plywood top come together to create the perfectly unique interlocking gift. This cactus is going to look awesome on your breakfast bar or coffee table and needs zero watering. Whether you serve up iced tea with beading sweat or steamy cups of rooibos that leave rings on your table, you can stay sassy and protect your furniture with these cool as can be coasters.


20. Black tea instant perfecting mask

Black tea is not only a soul nourishing drink but it can also feed your face all the things that your skin loves. This black tea instant perfecting mask is brimming with advanced antioxidants that are said to melt right into your skin and leave your face flushed with health, butter-soft, and thoroughly quenched. For those tea lovers in your life who deserve a little more pampering, this perfecting mask brings its whipped-up cloud-like texture and dewy touch every single time.


21. 'It's a Tea Shirt'

t shirt with tea slogan and pink trainers and cap


Get grungy and gorgeous with this tongue in cheek super cute tea shirt. The perfect weekend or stay at home shirt, this super cool tee is sure to become a wardrobe staple. Pick your style of shirt - whether you love them loose or prefer something more form-fitting and pick a color that connects.


22. 'Hello is it tea you're looking for?' mug

Cozy up with a funny mug and celebrate all things Lionel Richtea (see what we did), with this hilarious little cuppa. Handmade from ceramic and with a Lionel Richie transfer, this Hello is it tea you’re looking for mug is sure to cause a crack up every time someone grabs it from the kitchen cupboard.


23. Mother's day DIY tea bags

If you need a gift idea but are running short on funds or want to make something extra special and from the heart, check out these Mother’s Day DIY tea bags. Using loose leaf tea, cheesecloth, string, and these gorgeous print at home labels, you can piece these tea bags together and place in a pretty jar or tin. Low fuss, low cost, and easy to tailor, you can make them for Mother’s Day, tweak the label for birthdays, or custom design the label and tea choice for just about any occasion.


24. Pumpkin tea set

hollowed out pumpkins turned into teapot and cups


Another homemade wonder for those with deft fingers and wild imagination – this pumpkin tea set is something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Not only can you follow these instructions to carve out a teapot and two cups (complete with handle and tea infuser), but you can also use the scooped-out flesh to make a pumpkin chai latte to serve out of the brand-new bright teapot too.


25. Tea towel

Celebrate all things tea with this tea centric tea towel. Brimming with beautiful graphics, a whole heap of history, and plenty of hot tips on how to keep your brew in the best of shape, this tea towel is just the gift for any tea lover. Use for picking up hot handles, wiping up tea splash spills, or for drying your favorite tea set.


26. Water boiler and warmer glass teapot

A tech savvy gift for the tea lover in your life, this electric water boiler and warmer glass teapot is the perfect present for those who are fussy about the art of tea. This one-touch tea maker invites you to brew a world-class cup of tea all at the simple touch of a button. Whether you go ooh over oolong tea, are barmy for black tea, go wild for white tea, or if you are gaga for green tea, the special presets on this impressive piece of kit ensure that every brew is as close to perfection as can be. Memory features and superior safety are also added benefits too.


27. Paint with Bob Ross mug

bob ross mugs


For all those children of the ’90s out there, this Paint with Bob Ross mug will carry you back to a land of calming nostalgia. Paint with Bob Ross was one of the ultimate TV hits and this cup invites you to cozy up with the master of the brush. Truly transformative, when the mug is cold you get the beautiful Bob Ross against a black background. Top with tea and let the cup warm up and suddenly one of Bob’s landscape paintings is revealed. This cup is classy business.


28. Teas of the Boston Tea Party set

History buffs can marry their love of tea with tales of the past in this Teas of the Boston Tea Party Gift Set. The famous line ‘no taxation without representation’ wasn’t the only thing to go down in history as trunks of tea was thrown overboard. Resurrecting the tastes of the day, this tea set contains five of the teas that were part of that protest, not to mention tasting notes and historical info to set the scene. Presented in glass vials and stashed in cherry wood, this tea set takes you back.


29. Black Tea blending kit

Who says you have to stick to store bought tea blends? Get creative with this black tea blending kit that invites you to think outside the box and explore your own tea tastes. A whole host of different leaves and ingredients come together in this charming little set so you can whip up your own tasting notes. Assam, Ceylon, Lapsang Souchong, lemon peel, bergamot, lavender, and rose petals are just a few of the exciting ingredients included. Packaged to include a traditional glass gaiwan, this is a gorgeous gift to get you mixing and steeping. 


30. Matcha latte kit

matcha tea gift set

Check out our Matcha Latte Kit


Give the gift of Matcha magic with this complete Matcha Latte Kit Drawing on centuries of tea tradition, Matcha is brimming with health benefits, loaded with antioxidants, and comes complete with a whole rare ritual that can connect you back to yourself. This latte kit has all the things you need to make the most amazing creamy latte, including creamers and Matcha tea drops that don’t leave a hint of waste.


So there you have it - the complete list of amazing tea gifts that is sure to hit the mark with the tea lovers in your life. Whether you are seeking small treats that let them know you are thinking of them or if you are looking for the most unique tea present you can find, this list is sure to strike a chord.


What are your favorite tea gift ideas? Is there anything amazing we have missed from our tea lovers list? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


Medical Disclaimer: While we have delved into the research available on the health benefits of these teas, this is for informative purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. Those who have any health-related queries should reach out to a medical professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.