The THIRST is real! Earth Day with Tea Drops!

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We hope you join Tea Drops in discovering the “Thirst is Real” this Earth Day, April 22nd! All week long leading up to Earth Day (April 15-April 22nd), follow us as we dive deeper into ways we can all help the clean water crisis’ locally and globally. You’ll meet some members of our community, sharing how they are doing their part, including friends and customers of Tea Drops, and our clean water partner, Thirst Project! We’ll be giving away prizes, sharing trivia, jaw dropping facts, and more!
Some background, if you didn’t know… with every box of tea sold, we donate clean water to those in need through Thirst Project. Because the clean water initiative is so close to the heart of Tea Drops, we feel responsible to shed light on the issue and the ways we can help. After all, having clean and safe water is important to us all, because we rely on water to do so many things every day! For example, worldwide, agriculture accounts for 70% of all water consumption. Crops and livestock must have water to grow. When a community has a close, safe water source, locally-grown food provides for a sustainable food source.
Brushing our teeth, doing laundry, and going to the bathroom are just some of the ways we take water for granted, but so much goes into that.  Water is a fundamental human necessity. Every person needs at least 20 to 50 liters of clean, safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean. Waterborne Disease (diseases caused by drinking dirty or contaminated water) is World's Leading Killer. The World Health Organization says that every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases, making it the leading cause of disease and death around the world.  
Polluted water isn't just dirty, it also kills.
Ya see what we mean? It’s a big deal, and the Thirst is very real! Join us on the journey to clean water for all!!
Here’s what we ask of you and how you can get involved:
  • Learn about ways you can conserve water! does a great job of sharing over 100 small lifestyle changes you can make to conserve water. See the list here.
  • Ask your local community leaders or city council about their sustainability division! A lot of the time, local groups are looking for volunteers for local events and cleanups. You can also search the internet for local groups, as well!
  • Find a non-profit fighting the cause like Thirst Project and donate! The money you donate goes directly to those in need!
Some dates to look forward to:
April 15-17th - Giveaway with Goodmylk! See how you can win a box of each Tea Sprinkles and your choice of Hemp or Almond milk!
April 16th - Share you eco-friendly tips with us on the gram (ahem, Instagram)!
April 17th-April 19th - Eco-friendly tips with Tea Drops friends, Gabrielle, Ebony, and Annabelle on Instagram Stories!
April 18th - Learn how you can do your part! We’ll dish out the ways you can pitch in to pay it back to Mother Earth.
April 19th - How we’re doing our part at Tea Drops! See the moves we’re making to make the world a safer and cleaner place.
April 19th + 20th - Win a surprise Tea Drops bundle! Enter on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Three different prizes… three different chances to win.
April 20th - Come stop by and see Tea Drops at Anthropologie’s Earth Day Fair in El Segundo, CA!
April 22nd - Earth Day! Celebrate with us, and Thirst Project because we’re DOUBLING OUR DONATION WITH EVERY BOX OF TEA SOLD! In addition, get a VIP access, behind the scenes look at Thirst Project HQ and what they do!
Come join us and let's keep battling the global water crisis!

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