No Water, No Tea


While there is no resource as important to the preparation of tea as water, there is also also no other resource as transformational for people's lives as water! Yet, millions of people in this world still do not have access to basic, clean water.
Because of the absence of clean water, a variety of health and economic issues such as disease, infant mortality, and lack of education exist. People spend hours each day searching for clean water; hours that mothers and children forgo from work or school. This water crisis forces children out of school, parents out of work, and perpetually stifles the ability to enjoy life
No water means no opportunity, and no water means no tea. At the heart of Tea Drops, a community, that of course cares about tea, but more importantly, cares about the conditions and opportunities of those around usIn fulfilling our own mission to foster community & connection through tea, we're committed to a global mission to make clean water more accessible everywhere
Tea Drops has recently partnered with Thirst Project, a successful non-profit, LA startup focused on making clean water accessible, to fundraise for global water projects . To date, Thirst Project has funded nearly 1,800 water projects in 13 countries, making clean water available to over 285,000 people.
But, there's a lot more work to do! Thirst Project continues to raise awareness and funds to organize trips to build and sustain their current water wells. Tea Drops have committed to fund a new well project in 2018 with the help of each of you, our communiTEA. 
With every purchase you make (no matter how big or small), Tea Drops will donate a year's supply of clean water to someone in need
All donations will go to Thirst Project. Our current goal is to donate an annual supply of clean water for 8,000 people this year. 
We need your help! Gather your friends, tell your family, and share our mission with everyone. Every purchase, no matter if big or small, provides one more person with these opportunities
Beyond providing a year's supply of clean water with every purchase, you can also donate $25 directly from our website to Thirst Project, which provides a lifetime supply of clean water to someone in need
We are so excited about the progress we will make together in this effort. Thank you so much to our amazing #CommuniTEA for joining us on this mission. 
* donations will be made on behalf of all online purchases made on 

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