Aside from crafting creative and top-quality tea, we are absolutely devoted to inspiring our community to live well and kindly. We also want to promote a happy, healthy, and sustaining planet. To bring this philosophy to life, we are so happy to be able to offer a 100% eco-friendly product, from the Tea Drop to the box.

NO WASTE TEA: Each Tea Drops morsel is shaped from finely-ground and pressed organic tea, raw sugar, and spices to create an all-inclusive tea experience (all that is needed is hot water, after all!). This completely elimates the need for teabags, sugar, and sweetener packets. No waste, no fuss, and no footprint. 

COMPOSTABLE OPTIONS: Tea Drops are individually wrapped for your added convenience with the idea that you will take this incredibly portable tea on the go as you run your daily errands or trek off on your next adventure. This packaging is 100% recyclable and so, again, when you drink a cup of tea with us, you'll never have to worry about what you're dropping into the waste basket. Along these same lines, our cardboard tea boxes are also 100% biodegradable and compostable.

MULTI-PURPOSE PACKAGING: We also proudly offer Tea Drops in beautiful wood boxes that come with our simple tea preparation guide usefully emblazoned on the side. These boxes are crafted from Paulownia Wood. This type of wood is incredibly sturdy yet lightweight making for a lovely keepsake box that can hold tea or be repurposed as a storage module that is naturally resistant to termites and won't warp in heat or humidity. It also takes well to stain as well as woodburning (which incidentally, we offer as a personalization option on our boxes). We absolutely love to see the ways that you give our hearty, useful little boxes a second life.

One of our tea enthusiasts turned her box into a stylish succulent planter box.

As a finishing touch, upon request, we lovingly giftwrap our Tea Drops by hand. All our tasteful wrapping materials are also 100% biodegradable. Of course, you can always have your Tea Drops sent without gift-wrap free, too!

We know that tea enriches the heart and nourishes the body. With our thoughtful packaging options, we aim to create a beautiful tea experience while simultaneously doing our part to promote a cleaner, more beautiful planet one Tea Drop at a time.