Essential-Tea: Brewing A Proper Cup Of Tea

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As any tea connoisseur will tell you, the temperature to which you heat your water is essential to the creation of the most delicious cup of tea. Some leaves and herbs are more delicate than others and so, just as with coffee, conditions are different when it comes to making the “perfect” cup of tea.

While Tea Drops are created to be enjoyed by anyone—and certainly optimized for some one who is new to the world of tea or someone who is constantly on the go—many of you in our communitea would love to learn more about what temperatures your water should reach before preparing your Tea Drop. As a busy mom of two even busier little boys, my Tea Drops are made and enjoyed at whichever temperature my water extracts from my trusty ol’ Keurig and my cups of tea are certainly delicious and flavorful. However, to make the most of your tea, to bring out the most in its notes and intricacies of flavor, knowng a bit about water preparation is certainly helpful.

Now, this guide is by no means definitive, I learned. As I researched the different types of teas and their temperature points, I realized that everyone has their own opinion on the "ideal" way to prepare tea but this list includes close ranges that I saw repeated from one tea resource to the next. Brew with confidence, I say! :)

So, if you have the time and inclination (or are just plain curious!), here is a helpful guide for water temperatures and teas:


White Teas: Heat water to 175 F. These teas are characterized by their need to be brewed below the boiling point due to their delicate leaves. Scorching these tea leaves will affect and even destroy flavor. (Tea Drops brewed at this temperature include Vanilla White Tea Drops).

Green Teas: These tea leaves are also fragile and necessitate a low heating temperature that varies depending on the location from which your tea is sourced. Chinese green teas do best at 160 F while Japanese green teas flourish at 175 F. Matcha is particularly flavorful so maintaining the ideal temperate for this tea is incredibly beneficial to your drinking experience. (Tea Drops include: Matcha Green Tea Drops)

Black Teas: Heat water between 195-205 F, allowing the liquid to to reach much more closely to its boiling point. These heartier ingredients benefit from the intense heat and you will bring out the rich notes in these lovely teas. (Most of our Tea Drops fall under this category, including but not limited to: Rose Earl GreyChocolate Earl GreyCardamom SpicePumpkin Spice)

Herbal Teas: Heat water to 208-212 F. These teas require the closest to boiling point as possible for the most idea cup of caffeine-free goodness (Turmeric Tea Drops, Yerba Mate Tea Drops, Sweet Peppermint, and Citrus Ginger Tea Drops)

Of course, the easiest way to set your water to the correct temperature is with a kettle. Here are a couple of my favorite findings from around the web. One is a steal while the other is a big of splurge but each do their job!

The Steal:


Presto Heat N Steep Electric Tea Kettle - $25.99, Target.

The Splurge:

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker - $249.99, Williams Sonoma.

We hope this little guide has been helpful and informative! I definitely know that when I have a spare moment to spend on making my next cup of tea, I’m going to give the pointers in this a try. Of course, if you have any special ways or tricks you use to make your best cup of tea, we'd love to hear from you, too, here or on any of our social channels (FacebookTwitter, or Instagram). Happy Tea Dropping!

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