Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Drops

Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Drops

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A Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Drop is a decadent and delicious tea that your body will also thank you for. A balance of perfect harmony; we combine organic, raw cacao powder that is rich in multi-vitamins and antioxidants with a classic organic and fair-trade Earl Grey. What you end up with is a rich, chocolatey, and creamy tea blend without the heaviness.

You'll notice the tea may take departure from traditional teas. With the addition of raw cacao powder, you'll notice a richer, slightly creamier tea texture and a smooth aftertaste of the bergamot essence. It's like a decadent chocolate drink without the heaviness (or the calories!). It is the perfect sweet treat kick in the afternoon, pairs well with dessert, or is a perfect dessert on its own.

Tea Notes:
Chocolate, bergamot, sweet, creamy

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic raw cane sugar, organic earl grey tea (organic black tea, organic bergamot oil), organic cacao

Two Box Packaging Options, Same Great Tea Drops:
  • Classic Wood Box $12: (8 Drops/Box) Our Classic Wood Boxes are composed of high quality paulownia wood that feature a classy sliding top for easy access to your favorite individually wrapped Tea Drops. These boxes are a perfect gift option too.

  • Compostable Box $10: (8 Drops/Box) Compostable boxes are eco-friendly and biodegradable paper box that is simple and durable. This is a perfect option to refill on your favorite Tea Drops. You’ll notice this box also features an outside slider sleeve for easy access. Each Tea Drop is individually wrapped.




Cacao is an ancient superfood know tn to enhance memory power and concentration. In addition, chocolate is great for:

  • Reducing dementia risk
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Preventing periodontal disease



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