4 Steps To The Ultimate Spa Night

4 Steps To The Ultimate Spa Night

Sunday scaries are a thing of the past, especially this Mother’s Day. What better way to relax other than a self-designated spa night with you, a bottle of rose, and your mother - figure listening to the latest Taylor Swift album on repeat. Answer: there isn’t. 

To start off the perfect night you need to, of course, energize your system for the night to begin - get water boiling and make two cups of your favorite caffeinated Tea Drops. My personal current favorite is the Chocolate Earl Grey Tea. 


1. Create the Vibes 

Get the candles, set the mood. Atmosphere is everything - we know how hard it can be to turn off your mind for longer than 30 seconds so making sure surrounding yourself with a peaceful environment is just as important. Turn on your favorite relaxation playlist , and let your mind let go for a while. 

2. Bust out the Beauty 

Time to gather alllll the beauty / self-care products you convinced yourself you needed but never have actually used. 

I am talking about the hair mask, the furry slippers, jade roller, the essential oil diffuser - pull out all the stops you deserve it queen. 

**Pro tip: chill the jade roller in the freezer for at least a day before to create an even more pleasurable experience.**

3. Bath On: World Off

After collecting all the goods, it is time to run the water and dive in for a much needed bath soak. Grab your favorite current read, and set up your shower table with a drink of choice and dessert of desire. I currently cannot get enough of french macaroons.

4. Relax

As the night winds down to an end, feel free to turn on a movie (hyperlink) and get your favorite toe polish. Cuddle up on the couch with your ma and gossip over the latest actor drama, and sip on your night time sleepy time tea. My current favorite is the Tea Drop Glow!

You’ve done it! You gave yourself and your mom time to decompress and hone into the best version of yourself. Now turn this into an every other night (or every night & day ;) ) nightly routine and constantly feel like the queen you are.