5 Fast Facts About Thai Iced Tea

5 Fast Facts About Thai Iced Tea

A traditional favorite among international beverages, Thai Iced Tea means a lot of different things to people! A household staple to some, a summertime time treat to others... the love of Thai Iced Tea is universal. But, how much do you know about it? We've outlined five fast facts for you!
  1. Thai Iced Tea is known in Thailand as Cha Yen meaning "cold tea". 
  2. Thai Iced Tea is commonly used to counterbalance spicy foods used in Thai cuisine and is served with food, but also on its own!
  3. Since the climate is hot in Thailand, the use of sweetened condensed milk is popular because it doesn’t require refrigeration. Though Thai Iced Tea is made with sweetened condensed milk, it’s often topped with other dairy-like options including half & half, whole milk, and coconut milk.
  4. Outside of Thailand, Thai Iced Tea can be found in Thai restaurants and in Boba cafes in the United States.
  5. Even though you can go out and buy a glass or the tea leaves and milk, there hasn’t been an easy to make single serve Thai Tea option available until now! See step by step directions on how to create a glass of Thai Iced Tea using our Thai Iced Tea Kit!

How to create a glass of Thai Iced Tea using our kit:


Step 1:

Dissolve your Tea Drop in 3 oz. of hot water and stir!

Step 2:

Add 1 packet of milk and stir!

Step 3:

Add an additional 2 oz of cold water and ice.

Step 4: Enjoy!