Get To Know Our Brand Ambassador: Monique Soto

Get To Know Our Brand Ambassador: Monique Soto

This week, we wanted to highlight another one of our most active Brand Ambassadors.

We talked to Monique Soto who is one of our Brand Ambassadors who has made herself known in our Facebook group community for her passion for the company and how much she enjoys sharing different ways she enjoys her Tea Drops.


How did you discover Tea Drops?

I came across Tea Drops on I believe it was on Facebook. What caught my eye was the cute little shapes the teas come in, also the fact that they were bagless and easy to prepare. So I continued onto the Tea Drops website and was so intrigued by the variety of yummy tea selections there were. What also caught my eye was that they had rave reviews and features also loved by celebrity Chrissy Teigen! I am a tea lover, and I had to try.

What has been your favorite part of the Brand Ambassador program so far?

My favorite part, besides representing an amazing tea brand is the fun and cool brand ambassador activities. I love posting and sharing different Tea Drops combinations I come up with or learned from the Tea Drop's community on Facebook.

Do you have any Tea Drops combinations or recipes you would like to share with us?

My go-to is the Chai Spice with frothed half n half milk sprinkled with cardamom & cinnamon. A shared combo that Sashee put me onto is the combination of the Chocolate Earl Grey and milk it has that chocolate milk vibe to it. I love referring and sharing with the Tea Drops Facebook community and Sashee’s virtual lives for yummy and endless combinations. 

What stands out to you about Tea Drops as a company and community? 

What stands out to me about the Tea Drops as a company and community is the love for tea and self-care.  I love the background story of how Tea Drops were created, also the founder Sashee. She is a really sweet and genuine woman that takes love and pride in her brand, company, and community. You can catch her on Facebook or Instagram live and talking and connecting with the Tea Drops community and her brand ambassadors she shows a lot of love. Definitely can’t forget to mention their partnership with the Thirst project with helping countries have clean water. 

We love seeing how active you are on the Facebook group with sharing everything you love about Tea Drops, what made you love Tea Drops so much?

Being in a community with tea drinking, sharing recipes, and cool and cute videos or posts. 

Your creativity shines through everything you do, how did you get into being a makeup artist, and what led you to choosing it as your career path?

My passion for makeup started back when I was a little girl. I always admired watching and my mother and aunties putting on their makeup. One of my aunts would let me try on her signature red lipstick, it made me feel so special! To this day she still wears the same signature red lipstick and made me learn that makeup is unique. It means something for everyone. When she would put that red lipstick on me, I would feel like those fashion models I would see in magazines. Most importantly, I felt empowered like I have something to say and share. From there on,  I had always had a love for makeup. Starting as a freelancer, and progressing to a position with a major makeup company; I  learned more about makeup and its techniques.  This confirmed my career choice, I wanted to become a makeup artist.

Community is a huge aspect with Tea Drops, so we’d like to know what is something you have done or ways you have gotten involved with your community?

I presently co assist in promotion for a black-owned beauty salon business. I also sang in a choir for my local church community which I have enjoyed doing for about a year although due to changes with the pandemic. I was able to continue assisting my community in different ways through a foundation that I am active in assisting with. We quarterly organize outreaches for those that do not have easy or limited access to food and we feed the community and share information on access to free preventative healthcare.  ( Side Note: The Organizations was with Sherri’s Crowning Glory Hair Dressers & Spa & The Sherri Arnold- Graham Foundation Non-Profit Organization both I’ve done makeup for breast cancer survivors for their spa day and Feeding 5000 giving out free food to families in my community, my church is Breath of God.)

Has your daily routine changed at all throughout the pandemic, and if so how have you adjusted?

My daily routine has changed in so many aspects from personal, family, and business. Had to become more creative in separating time to break down between clients, ensuring mutual safety. Testing has become a routine and balancing family life. All the while not abandoning self-care at the start and end of my day. Life will never be the same and that’s okay. I am accepting the daily challenge and surrounding myself with positivity.


 As one of our extremely active members not only as an Ambassador but also among the Tea Drops community itself, Monique has just a bright and shining personality. We love to see not just her cups of tea come to life with the PERFECT latte foam everytime. We also enjoy seeing her career as a make up artist show through in everything she does making the beauty shine bright in everyone she has as a client. Please check out Monique over on her Instagram to learn more about who she is as a make up artist, mother and an empowering woman. If reading about this inspiring woman has stirred your interest in becoming an Ambassador, please visit the page below to learn all about the program and how to apply.