July Tea + Chat Box: Nominate A Hero Winner, Candy

July Tea + Chat Box: Nominate A Hero Winner, Candy

Tea Drops takes you can a reflective journey in this month’s Tea + Chat box. We opened up this month’s spotlight to our community and asked you all to nominate a hero you know! We received many incredible nominations - each deserving of recognition, but we were especially touched by Rozelle’s nomination of her best friend, Candy, and Candy’s response to Rozelle’s nomination. 

Both treating cancer patients, and some cancer patients with COVID-19, the selflessness of these two reminds us that there is good amongst the chaotic times.  We’ve been loving the inspiring stories of our community and hope it sparks the light in everyone to put a little more kindness into the world, especially toward yourself.

(left: Rozelle, right: Candy)

Your box this month features our best-selling teas from Sweet Peppermint to Vanilla White Tea, to our fan favorite Chocolate Earl Grey. What’s a better way to treat yourself than a decadent cup of tea? This month your surprise gift is none other than a Karuna Sheet Face Mask so you can give yourself a little extra self-care. Karuna was the first to introduce sheet masks to the U.S. in 2009 and makes luxurious face masks to enhance your skin's natural elasticity. 


We hope you find relaxation and treat yourself or other’s with this month's box, after all, you deserve it!