Repurposing your Tea Drops wood box!

Repurposing your Tea Drops wood box!

Here’s the scenario: You’ve finished all of the Tea Drops in your wood sampler box... Now you’ve got this (beautifully crafted) wood box, but no use for it, right? Wrong. Take a look at it again, the possibilities are endless! We’ll even show you a few easy ways right now…


1. Succulent Planter

Grab a wooden box, some soil, and your favorite succulents! It’s that easy. We fit three small succulents in our large wooden sampler box!

2. Pencil Box

A nice whimsical touch to your office space. The medium wooden variety box is perfect size to store pencils and other office needs.

3. Napkin/Utensil Holder

Entertaining? No problem! Hold napkins, utensils, and other kitchen items in our large wooden sampler box! An easy and fun decoration to hold all your party necessities.

4. (An excuse to buy more drops!)

Did you know you can buy individual Tea Drops in bulk? You can refill your wooden box with individual drops and create your own Tea Sampler! Also makes a great gift! Select “drops, no box” when adding to your cart and making your selection on our online store.

The wooden boxes are a big part of Tea Drops’ individuality and have been big there from the start! See how people have used repurposed their wooden boxes in the past:

A bird feeder, a jewelry box, a spice planter, and tolietry holder! Send us your examples and tag us on Instagram and Twitter!