Tea Drops Astrology: Virgo

Tea Drops Astrology: Virgo

Introducing Tea Drops Astrology! 

Discover which teas fit your sign and shop our teas by your sign! Happy Virgo Season -- read our Virgo horoscope below.

Virgo Horoscope

This month is all about you and your attentiveness and drive, Virgo! You’re wrapping up a major work project and there’s a sense of accomplishment and relief. Now that it’s over it’s a good time to prioritize, reset, and build a new routine to stay refreshed.

Even though you did some heavy lifting at the beginning of the month, the universe says it’s time to take a step back and give yourself some rest. You’ll need the energy in the future so prioritize self-care (maybe some teatime!), relaxation, and meditation. Release the past you want to let go of and determine how you want to move forward!

Though the middle of the month might bring you challenges, by the end of the month you’ll see your growth and change. This season is important to you personal goals, energy, and confidence— trust yourself!


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EARTH SIGNS: TAURUS 4/19-5/20, VIRGO 8/22-9/22, CAPRICORN 12/21-1/19

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 AIR SIGNS: LIBRA 9/22-10/22, AQUARIUS 1/19-2/19, GEMINI 5/20-6/20



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FIRE SIGNS: ARIES 3/20-4/19, LEO 7/22-8/22, SAGITTARIUS 11/21-12/21

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