Tea Drops is loose leaf tea!

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When you drink Tea Drops, you are drinking loose leaf tea!

Tea Drops are finely ground, pressed, and preserved into dense forms for the purpose convenience of use at home, in the office and on the go!


When you drink Tea Drops, you are drinking loose leaf tea! There is no chemical alteration in the production of our organic teas. You'll notice natural tea leaves (sediment) at the bottom of your cup which is meant for consumption -- giving you a full dose of antioxidants with every cup. 

With Tea Drops, you are about to learn how this is an incredible way to reap the full benefits of tea leaves, but know this isn’t a recent discovery.

Ancient China enjoyed powdered tea and the idea eventually landed in Japan all the way back in the 1100's. The art of making powdered green tea, matcha, was transformed into a traditional tea ceremony.

What exactly is the tea sediment at the bottom?

Because Tea Drops are made of genuine fine tea leaves unlike instant tea, you will notice some sediment at the bottom of your cup, much like when you make french press coffee.

The residue is completely safe to drink and rich in nutrients. In fact, in a lot of Asian cultures, tea drinkers consume tea leaves as part of the tea experience. If you prefer to avoid the sediment, feel free to set aside the last sip. But the benefits of drinking residue after Tea Drops are the same as benefits of consuming tea leaves after steeping.

White tea, green tea, black tea and oolong tea are all processed from the same tea leaves. White and green tea are less processed than black and oolong tea, allowing them to retain more health benefits. Green tea has been studied extensively for its health effects, since it's been used traditionally as medicine in China and India. You can consume tea leaves by taking them in capsules or tablets, or adding matcha, powdered green tea, other foods and beverages. 

You can prepare a Tea Drop as a classic cuppa, or you can throw on your chef's hat and get creative by using it in drinks, smoothies, baking and cooking! Check out some recipes here.


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