Motivational Monday + Tea

Motivational Monday + Tea

We hope that everyone had a wonderful, relaxing weekend! We have been very busy behind the scenes getting ready for this holiday season and we are so excited for all the new and exciting ways we will be sharing the TeaDrops love with our community online and out in the wide world!

Whether we are readying ourselves for the hustle and bustle of the holidays or starting another work week, it is very important to remember to stay centered, live in the moment, and staying conscious of your mind, body, and spirit. Monday mornings are especially useful times to do this kind of reflection because it will truly set the tone for the rest of your week. In the spirit of this, I thought I'd collect some of my favorite meditational and inspirational goodies from around the web. 

  • The StudyMusicProject on YouTube gives us 10 minutes of beautiful and peaceful music perfect for calming a book-reading, tea-drinking, or work-doing session. 



  • "Tea & Sprinklers" with Mary & Sierra is a delightful, entertaining, and truthful vlog series that is perfect for recharging your body and spirit. These two wonderful ladies share relaxation and breathing techniques to keep centered and living in the moment. Singers, performers, and everyone else in between could certainly benefit from their wisdom and spirit. So, today we highly recommend taking a break, TeaDropping yourself a cup, sitting back, and enjoying their latest episode! (There are now six to see on Mary's YouTube channel so feel free to subscribe for more content from them!)


  • Finally, click on the image below to head on over to a collection of wonderful inspirational quotes to help you de-stress, compliments of Oprah, who inspired us with her #SuperSoulSunday challenge!

Have a peaceful and empowering rest of the weekend. Tea and love from all of us at TeaDrops.

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