5 ways to Kick Start your day!

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We know, Monday mornings (or any weekday mornings) can be sluggish. It may be tough to just jump into the "zone" after a relaxing weekend or night of deep sleep. Here are 5 key ways we have found that help us Kick Start into the week ahead without causing whip lash. 

1. Wake up Early: Setting aside 30 minutes of quiet time or rather "you time" in the morning when the world around you is quite is the best way to set the tone for the rest of your day. Many researchers say that the first hour of your day greatly impacts your mood and perception of the day ahead. Wake up to read a passage from your favorite book or read the news while sipping on your favorite tea (may we recommend our new Yerba Mate Tea Drop, naturally caffeinated yet soothing at  the same time). This time will allow yourself to get accclamated to the day that awaits you. 

2. Drink Water: Your body is considerably dehydrated when you wake up. Think about it, you haven't had water in 7-8 hours! Make sure you wake up and drink 2-3 glasses of water immediately, you will slowly awaken and replenish your whole body with energy by this simple act. We admit, a great way to get your allotment of water is through drinking tea!

3. Eat Breakfast: You've heard this before, your mother reminded you every day, but it is absolute truth! The essential vitamins that a good breakfast provides is critical for your energy pace the rest of the day. The trick is to find nutrient foods (fruits & grains) that fill you, but don't leave you immobile in the morning (easy on the potatoes and let's try to avoid the donuts as tempting as they are). With a nourishing breakfast, you will avoid feeling that mid-morning fatigue and your energy will be better sustained the entire day. Make sure to enjoy your breakfast with a robust tea. We recommend our TurmericYerba MateCardamom Spice, or Rose Earl Grey that are packed with nutrients but also will give you a pep in your step! 

4. Perform a Mind Sweep: A mind sweep is a way to clear your head, by writing down a list of everything taking up space in your mind (personally and professionally). It is a way to easily start fresh. Simply take a piece of paper and take 10 minutes to write down everything that this on your mind from tasks that need to get done, to things you might be worried about, to ideas you are thinking about personally/professionally. You can then easily determine what things you want to incorporate into your to-do list today, and at least have record of longer term issues/ideas that you can address at a later date (make sure to write down a date). This provides clarity of mind and your task list for the day. 

5. Affirm that your day is going to be Awesome: Self explanatory, but the key here is not to just affirm it but truly own it and believe it. The truth is, you are responsibile for your life and happiness and nothing can deter you or dismantle your spirits unless you allow it. Affirm that no matter what obstacles you face today, you are going to address them with a joyful attitude and a warrior's spirit. 

And as a bonus tip, make sure to drink plenty of tea. We know that there is no greater motivating/joyful force than a great cup of tea that awaits you every few hours (or in our case, every hour) :)

Kick Start your day, and tell us how it's going by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter with #myteadrop @myteadrop! 

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