Peace, Meditation, & Tea

Peace, Meditation, & Tea

The holidays are over and the new year is well underway. Be honest. How many of us feel like we never caught a break? I'm raising my hand over here. I am so inspired and so motivated to make 2015 the best and happiest year yet, but at the same time, I feel the ghosts of 2014 pulling me back and making me feel sluggish and exhausted. 

As a part of my commitment to embrace a healthier and kinder lifestyle, I have recently re-invigorated my love for yoga. (The last time I attended a yoga class I was in high school and I was so relaxed during one of the sessions, I fell asleep. This is a true story.) We are all so busy in our daily lives that sometimes devoting even an hour a day to the wonderful meditation and conditioning that yoga offers is just too much. That's why I found a great 10-minute yoga workout that is perfect way to start your day. It will center, energize, and enliven you, inspiring you to have your best and most powerful day. Plus, I have the perfect pre- or post-yoga sesh tea to pair with your workout to give you an added mental and physical boost. 

The 10-Minute Morning Yoga Workout

  1. Tree Pose: Stand with your weight on your left leg and lift your foot so that the sole of your right foot is resting on your left thigh. Hold this pose for the duration of five slow inhales and exhales, remembering to keep your shoulders relaxed and dropped. Repeat on the other side. This pose strengthens the thighs, ankles, and spine, increasing flexibility in hips and shoulders.
  2. Warrior II: Stand with your weight standing over the right or left leg. Press down into your mat, grounding yourself, and aligning your shoulders over your hips. Once in this lunge position, stretch one arm out in front and behind you, turning your back foot. Hold for five inhales and exhales and perform on the other side. Strengthens the legs, back, and shoulders. 
  3. Reverse Warrior: Begin in Warrior II, bringing your back arm down to rest on your back leg and extending your other arm straight up towards the sky, keeping shoulders and body squared with your gaze upwards. Hold for five long inhales and exhales, repeating on the other side.This works out the groin, chest, and shoulders while increasing stamina in the legs. 
  4. Warrior III: Hugging your left shin, stretch it and extend it out behind you until it is parallel to the ground. Flex your left foot and point your toes to the ground. Keeping your other leg slightly bent, reach your arms out in front of you so that your arms, neck, shoulders, back and raised leg are all lined up and straight. This not only energizes the body but strengthens your hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, and calves. 

Tips For Effective Breathing: Inhale through the nose, exhaling from the mouth and always focusing on the process. If you have a spare moment, take yourself off to the side, close your eyes, clear your mind, and pay particular attention to your breathing.

Workout Source: Shape Magazine

The Perfect Tea Pairing


Since yoga reduces inflammation, the first perfect partner tea that comes to mind is our Turmeric Tea Drop, part of our Natural Healing Experience. The curcumin, the active ingredient in this saffron root, is a natural anti-inflammatory and when sweetened with just the right amount of organic coconut sugar, creates a unique and creamy tea treat that is rich in nutrients and health benefits, but completely caffeine-free. Additionally, just as yoga reduces oxidative stress, which attributes to signs of aging, turmeric also helps to kindly turn back the clock

We are all about antioxidants. They can be found in lots of delicious places including our Yerba Mate Tea Drops, the companion tea to the Turmeric Tea Drop. Yerba mate can actually possess up to 90% more antioxidants than green tea! It also provides a source of caffeine that gives you the perk-up you need without the tummy upsets or jitters that walk hand-in-hand with coffee consumption. 

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