Posted by Sashee Chandran

One of the greatest joys in life is to partake in the beautiful celebration of a friend's wedding. I'm sure many of you have felt that joy in whatever capacity you were present: As being a member of the wedding party, helper, or simply wedding guest. 

Last week, I had the honor of not only making the Tea Drop wedding favors of my friends' wedding in the Bahamas, but actually being present for it too! My friends, Maja and Justin took a walk down the aisle right on private beach on Eleuthera island in the Bahamas. The setting was picturesque -- the water was crystal blue, the weather was perfect, the winds were calm, and I kept thinking in my head that this is exactly how you picture a beach wedding to look like! It was simple, elegant, and intimate all at the same time -- Maja looked stunning too. 

A few months before, Maja had mentioned she wanted Tea Drops as wedding favors for her guests. Since she is always reminding me, I need more fruit teas on the Tea Drops menu (hah, coming soon!), I told her that she and Justin should customize their own unique blend for the special day. That's when they decided on a Yerba Mate tea. I had very little knowledge about Yerba Mate prior to that, only familiar with the fact that it was a popular South America. As I learned more about Yerba Mate, I fell in love with it and its antioxidant properties. So much so, we now offer Yerba Mate Tea Drops in our Natural Healing tea line. I worked for a few weeks testing various Yerba Mate teas, and Maja & Justin selected a version that they loved! 


//We made the teas into fun, tropical shapes for the island wedding.//  

The next component was the customization of the boxes. Maja wanted to use our mini-boxes and wanted the boxes to also serve as place settings for guests at the dinner table. She got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, and thought of this cute idea for her and Justin to thumb print on each box into the shape of a red heart, and then wood-burn guests names on the box. I think they added such a nice, personal touch. 

After the wedding favors were made, packaged, and customized, I packed all 64 Tea Drops in whatever space I had left in my suitcase and the suitcase of my boyfriend and head on a flight(s) to Eleuthera. The great thing about Tea Drops is that they are super light weight, so transporting them wasn't a burden at all.

Here are some pictures from the day of the wedding of Tea Drops serving as a place setting to pictures with the beautiful bride. 

//Each Tea Drop favor was accompanied by a cute "Life Saver" boat with guest's names written on the sail, and bride & groom's initial's on the side of the boat.// 

//As the night progressed & as alcohol made its visit, our tables looked progressively disheveled //

//A fun picture with the beautiful bride.//

This was one of the most memorable experiences for me. There is nothing better than sharing such a special day, in a gorgeous setting, with the people you love.

If you or your friends/family would like to customize a unique wedding experience with Tea Drops, please reach out to me at 


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