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Honey for all!

From a natural hair lightener to a cure for eczema (thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties), honey is the sweetest addition to anybody's well-stocked pantry. Honey provides a more wholesome and flavorful alternative to processed sugar and sweeteners when added to tea, coffee, or toast. Once when I ran out of pancake syrup, I substituted with the only thing I had in my cupboard: honey. It was the most delicious bit of serendipity and now I only sprinkle honey on my breakfast treats. 

The Skinny On Milk

As a child raised on skim milk, it was astonishing for me to learn that skim milk is not only a marketing ploy to sell the byproduct of cow's milk that dairies traditionally discarded, but also that the vitamins and calcium that we love milk for is depleted by the time it comes to your table. Instead, this milk is artificially supplemented with the vitamins and proteins that is has lost. 

We suggest giving almond or coconut milk a try. Equally as delicious While a cup of skim milk contains 90 calories and a whopping 12 grams of sugar, these dairy milk alternatives cut calories approximately in half without any of the sugar. 



Coconut Oil/Butter

I was absolutely thrilled to see a coconut oil-infused cooking spray on my last adventure to the grocery store. It is one of my most varied and useful kitchen staples. It has anti-microbial properties and so many people use it as a natural beauty product and is a popular ingredient in natural, homemade makeup oil cleansers. Of course, it's also a lovely moisturizer. I love adding coconut oil to omelets and substitute it in my kids' macaroni and cheese.

Greek Yogurt

I remember my first foray into the world of greek yogurt was after seeing it on an episode of Martha Stewart Living. Creamier and thicker than traditional yogurt offerings, I thought it was absolutely delicious. I'm glad the secret is out and greek yogurt its getting it heyday. Aside from being an excellent replacement for sugary yogurt offerings, it also absolutely outstanding as a replacement for sour cream. I know it's posted all over the web, but I remember making a snap decision on enchilada night when I realized that I didn't have any of my lite sour cream but I did have a quart of unsweetened greek yogurt. It was yummy! 


Steel-Cut Oatmeal

You have not lived until you have had steel-cut oatmeal. There truly is a vast difference between the gray, mushiness that happens so often with quick-cooking rolled oats and the nutty, full-flavored texture of steel-cut oatmeal. I enjoyed mine with dried cranberries and almond milk. It was the ideal on-the-go breakfast and would pack it into Tupperware and eat it in the morning at work. Rich in fiber, steel cut oatmeal is also low on the glycemic scale. The fiber keeps you fuller and more satisfied for longer which helps you make healthy eating choices throughout the day!


I have learned so much on this Tea Drops journey and one of the most amazing changes I've implemented during this time has been to keep turmeric close at hand. I was first introduced to this vibrant superfood spice through our Turmeric Tea Drops. I love that these are sweetened with coconut sugar because it takes the spicy edge off the tea and provides a sweet treat that is loaded with anti-inflammatory power. Turmeric is my go-to when I am feeling sick. I used to reach for those powdered drinks whenever I felt the initial tickle of a cold but I feel better about seeking more appetizing and natural alternatives--turmeric helps to supercharge your immune system. Meanwhile, turmeric (and even our Tea Drops of this variation) make a beautiful and flavorful savory addition to a dish, from sprinkling on avocado to chicken. On top of all this, turmeric also works in fabulous harmony with many of the pantry staples featured in this article. So get creative, resourceful, and healthy!


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