Inspired: Kindness Counts.

Inspired: Kindness Counts.


I was so inspired by a simple quote we shared this past Sunday as a part of our #SundaySteeping affirmations. This week has been one of change and exciting anticipation for the Tea Drops team as we embark on new journeys as individuals and as a company. Through the chaos and the inevitable stress of any transition, I always find myself seeking solace in simple kindness from family, friends, and even strangers. Today's blog entry is a nod to what our wonderful, benevolent communiTEA has taught me. We promote kindness and an unconditional love that we foster amongst our families. We enliven an attitude that radiates positivity and altruistic goodness. It is so easy to lash out or forget to appreciate those who stand by us in times of trial but we persevere and commit to optimism. 

I hope these simple tips inspire you to be your best self and to radiate kindness and light.

Take a breath.

We live in a culture where we celebrate those who "just do it" and we encourage everyone to "live in the moment." And while this serves us well as it inspires adventure and spontaneity in a world where we are tied to our devices and routines, sometimes it pays to pause. When things get heated or you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a step back and invest a moment in focusing on redirecting your energy. Before you say something unkind or overstep boundaries (and this is so easy to do!), take a deep breath and think. Consider the long-term consequences of your actions if you act out of passion, frustration, or anger. Most of the time, what feels good to get out in the moment really comes back to haunt us when we cool off. Keeping a clear head and looking before you leap can truly help to make the best of even the worst situations.

Say "Thank You."

It is often those who do the most for us and mean the most to us who go unrecognized. Make it a priority to deliberating acknowledge, thank, and appreciate the people who support you and love you unconditionally. Whether that is a best friend, a parent, or co-worker, even a simple gesture like a kind note, a hug, or a cup of tea can go a long way to communicate your gratitude for the people who keep us grounded and sane.

Minimize the presence of toxicity in your life.

Whether it's a "friend," environment, or habit, be sure to monitor the influences who are shaping your attitude and wellbeing regularly. Oftentimes we don't realize the damage that has been done until it's too late so staying conscious and mindful of the factors that are constantly shaping and re-shaping us does an incredible amount of good in keeping us happy, positive, and functioning members of society.

Gravitate towards positivity and you'll radiate light.

Along these lines, bask in those who uplift, teach, and expand our perspectives. As human beings, we model those around us--it's in our nature to do so. Surrounding yourself with the things and the people who bring out the best in us not only helps us contribute in a highly positive way but also maximizes your happiness. And when you are happy, you tend to radiate kindness and compassion towards others. That kind of light is certainly contagious and you set off a chain reaction of goodness amongst everyone you meet.

We demand so much our ourselves and others in every aspect of modern life. Physically and mentally, we often find ourselves overwrought and stretched too thin, we are apt to snap and to let that negativity spread. However, with these simple tips, we empower ourselves and inspire others to believe in inner strength and to face the world and the people around us with kindness. When we put forth our best selves and treat ourselves and others with respect and care, incredible things happen. 

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