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I'm so excited to announce that we are now officially Certified Organic by the USDA for our Sweet Peppermint, Rose Earl Grey, Citrus Ginger, and Vanilla White Tea selections. We've always used fully organic ingredients across our teas, but this just makes it official!This means that our tea is comprised of  at least 95% organic ingredients and that we achieved the highest level of federal standards/guidlines as it relates to the quality and source of our ingredients. Our teas are free of synthetic additives like artificial flavorings, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, dyes and industrial solvents. It also means we practice in-kitchen cleaning and sanitizing methods that ensure the quality and safety of our products. 

I am so, so proud of this milestone. We have always sourced organic ingredients for all of our teas, but the last few months our team has worked dilligently to make sure all of our suppliers are held to the highest standards and we have also worked refine our inventory tracking/processing methods. 

Soon you will see the USDA Organic seal proudly displayed on all of our tea boxes. Thank you so much for getting us to this exciting milestone, we're so happy to keep growing and spreading the love of tea (drops)! 

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