Your Guide to Hosting a Spring Tea Party

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With Spring right around the corner, I cannot wait for Spring Tea Parties to begin! In fact, my friend Joannie kicked us off with an (almost) Spring Tea Party this past Sunday, and it simply was a blast. How can you go wrong with great tea, incredible treats, a soothing atmosphere, and wonderful company? Yep, you can’t!

 As many of you ponder perhaps throwing a Spring Tea Party, we are here to get you equipped and ready. These gatherings do not have to be complicated, always keep it simple. Here are some tips to create a smashing Spring Tea Party that feels effortless: 

The Location:

Ideally, it’s so relaxing to have a Spring Party outside – outdoor patio/backyard. However, for many of us it’s simply not warm enough outside yet. To keep the environment light and airy, select a location in your home that gets a lot of great natural light – a sun room is a plus here or any location with a sky light.

Setting The Table: 

The secret here is that everything else on your table can be eclectic and mis-matched, but try to keep your linens (table runner/cloth and napkin linens matching). The matching table and napkin linens pull the whole table together.· 

  • Keep it eclectic (mis-matched vintage cups / saucers / tea pots)·

  • For each Setting: cup/saucer/dessert plate/ fork & knife (if necessary) / napkin. For snazzy placement, position the napkin in the tea cup.·

  • Don’t forget: caddy for the cream and sugar – and teaspoons

The Menu:

Spring Teas are typically light. You want simple finger foods that satisfy but not stuff your guests. Here is a simple guided menu that should take you a total of 1.25 hours in the kitchen to make for gathering of up to 8 people.·

  • Cucumber Tea Sandwiches: A simple sandwich with cucumber, dill, and a thin layer of butter make this a light and delicious option.·

  • Macarons: Need I say more? They are delicious, light (in moderation), and beautiful! You don’t have to be Martha Stewart and make these by hand --Costco has some great Macaron options (I know, surprising but true!)·

  • Fruit: Always keep a tray of raspberries and blueberries around. They will be munched on. ·

  • SconesDon’t be intimidated, scones are simple to make and a must at any tea table. From start to finish (including bake time), scones can be made in about 35 minutes and are beautifully complemented with butter (or Devonshire cream if you’re getting fancy), and jam.·

  • TeaDrops: Your menu wouldn't be complete without delicious TeaDrops! Our Golden Amber (Vanilla White Tea) is the perfect Spring Time Tea.

The main thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself and your guests. Keep the preparation and set-up easy on yourself.

To get the ideas flowing, we've created a collection of Spring Tea Party inspiration with décor and some recipes listed above to further insprie you :) Take pictures of your party success and share it on Instagram using (hashtag) #TeaDrops for us to see. 

TeaDrop on!

Sashee Chandran

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