Tea Drops Adventure Day 12: Malaysia!

Tea Drops Adventure Day 12: Malaysia!

Welcome to Malaysia!

Teh Tarik (aka “Pulled Tea”) is Malaysia’s most popular milk tea. It’s a strong, hot tea mixed with condensed milk that’s repeatedly poured (‘pulled’) between two cups until it forms a rich and sweet frothy tea.

Tea Centre Malaysia

Instead of using the traditional pulling method, you can get a similar frothy effect with our Tea Drops Milk Frother!

Frothy Tea Latte

try this recipe:
Tea Drops Cold Brew with Cold Foam

4 Tea Drops of choice (we suggest Pumpkin Spice!), melted in 8oz boiling water
1/2 cup milk of choice

Directions for Cold Brew:
1. Melt Tea Drops in 8oz boiling water, stir to speed up process.

2. Add the tea mixture to a large jar or bottle and fill it up with cold water.
3. Refrigerate overnight.
4. The next day, strain the cold brew into a glass.

How to Make Cold Foam:
1. In a small cup, add the milk of your choice and a dash (or more) of pumpkin spice or seasoning that matches the chosen Tea Drop.
2. Froth milk mixture until it doubles in volume - becomes 1 cup of milk foam.
3. Pour slowly on top of your cold brew.
4. You can either mix the foam into the brew, or leave it on top to enjoy the frothy texture. Enjoy!


Pumpkin Cold Brew with Cold Foam

Watch how Teh Tarik or "Pulled Tea" is made in Malaysia!