Chai Spice Tea Health Benefits & How to Make Your Own

Chai Spice Tea Health Benefits & How to Make Your Own

Chai Spice Tea Health Benefits & How to Make Your Own


Chai spice tea is a fall-favorite beverage that makes us feel cozy, warm, and satiated. But even better, it also comes with many wonderful health benefits, meaning that you can feel good about every sip.




While it can be hard to trace the actual origins of chai, many believe it started becoming popular thousands of years ago. A king reportedly wanted a medicinal spice beverage and using herbs and spices to help cure ailments was very popular. The black pepper and ginger in the tea were meant to help aid digestion. Cardamom helped with mood elevation, and cloves — which were very popular for healing — were meant to serve as an all-natural pain reliever. All of these elements can be found in chai spice tea. These days, many people prefer to drink theirs with a bit of milk and sugar to make it even more comforting and tasty. 


One of the most intriguing parts about chai teas in general, is that there are plenty of different varieties available for consumption. Some are a bit more bitter than others, but they all serve a great purpose.


What are the health benefits of chai? 


There are plenty of benefits to chai spice tea. Due to the fact that it has a bit of a kick to it, it's been known to help with both digestion and weight loss. But of course, a healthy diet and exercise are the true components to the latter — chai spice tea can just help during the process. 


It can also help with nausea, as chai teas contain ginger. It's been figured out that around 1.1–1.5 grams of ginger help curb the effects of nausea, and Healthline states that that's just about the amount you'll find in a cup of tea. 


The healthiest chai spice teas don't have as much sweetener in them. So, adding heaps of sugar to your mug may not produce the best benefits. If you buy a chai spice kit from Tea Drops, you can be your own barista and choose how much milk and sweetener you pour into your chai tea. You can even add boba if that’s something you love in your tea.


The cloves do more than just ease pain. 


Pain relief is an incredible bonus when it comes to cloves. In fact, some dentists even use cloves in their practice. A study was done that revealed that turning cloves into a paste could actually replace benzocaine as a topical agent to help ease dental pain during a procedure. 

Cloves have also been linked to aiding with cancer. Supposedly, cloves may help shrink tumors. Scientists and researchers are still trying to figure out if cloves have a positive anticancer effect, especially since they've been successful in stopping the growth of some pre-existing cancers. Since cloves aren't dangerous to consume for most, it's worth adding to your diet — especially in tea form.


Speaking of, cloves are one of the ways that chai spice tea gets its unique flavor. So aside from being healthy, they're also useful in making chai spice tea such a tasty beverage. 


Chai spice tea is also good for your heart. 


Our hearts keep us alive, so we should focus on doing anything we can to keep them healthy and active. Chai spice tea has been known to help aid heart health. 


Black teas in general are great for making sure your heart is in good shape. According to a study done in 2007, it took three daily cups of black tea to help prevent the onset of coronary heart disease. It can also help keep your blood pressure in check, meaning that it's a fantastic addition to your morning routine. 


Chai spice tea is one of the healthiest versions of chai tea.


It's all good for you, but the spices themselves contain a ton of antioxidants that'll help your body. Many versions of chai tea contain fermented black tea leaves, which are a great base, and the reason why it's categorized as a black tea.


But the spices in chai spice tea, from the peppercorns to the star anise, often contain antioxidants that'll keep you healthy. Chai spice tea also contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. Every spice used in making the tea is, in some way, linked towards lessening inflammation, with ginger being one of the most effective. 


How do I make chai spice tea?

It's possible to make chai spice tea at home, especially if your spice rack is filled with cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. 


Many chai teas take a little bit of time and effort to put together. A masala chai, which is often used interchangeably with chai spice tea, can take up to a half hour to brew and can require crushing your necessary spices by hand. However, the final result is worth the wait. 


That said, it's also easy to create your own using Chai Spice Tea Drops. Tea Drops can do all the hard work for you, while you reap the health benefits. Even better, you can choose whether or not you want your tea hot or iced. Their version makes sure to include the basic necessary spices of cinnamon, cardamom, and fresh ginger.