Do you know what's in your teabag?

Do you know what's in your teabag?

You have probably heard us use the phrase "ditch the tea bag" for a while. Now, science is doing the talking for us. A recent study by McGill University in Canada found that steeping a plastic teabag at tea brewing temperature releases around 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion plastic nanoparticles into the water.

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How does this make us stand out? Well to start, we don't even have a bag! Our tea is actual loose leaf tea that doesn't need a teabag or tea strainer to enjoy.

Tea Drops are made with actual loose leaf tea that is finely ground and then compressed together with ground spices, and lightly blended with organic cane sugar. That's it! Our sugar free Tea Sprinkles work the same way. 

Our supply chain is incredibly important to us. We only source organically certified, and fair trade ingredients to ensure only the freshest and ethically sourced tea lands in your cup. 

We try to keep it simple. It's tea magic, not a tea bag. 

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