Introducing Tea Sprinkles ™: CHILL

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You look like you need to chill. Get comfy in your fave t-shirt, turn on that Netflix, and chill out. This soothing blend of organic chamomile, blackberry, and spearmint will bring on the chill factor.


Taking a classic stress reducer like chamomile tea and adding this lightly sweet twist on it is just what the doctor ordered. With the benefits of the CHILL Tea Sprinkles ™, you’re sure to wind down in no time.

Chamomile, known to promote better sleeping habits and being a great stomach soother, can prepare your body for rest… or your next netflix binge. Additionally, blackberries can do wonders for rest, and you know what they say… a blackberry a day keeps fatigue symptoms away! Just kidding, that’s not a real saying… but it should be! Blackberries hydrate your skin and enhance the vitamin C levels in your body making sure you stay fresh while trying to get some rest. And finally, the last key ingredient in CHILL... spearmint. Spearmint helps make sure everything is on track in your digestive system and relieves your sore muscles so you can get some uninterrupted chill time.

We know what you’re thinking… “WHEN SHOULD I CHILL?” When you're going a thousand miles per hour, you sometimes need to step back, take a breath, and assess the situation. We've got your back with a few suggestions...


Before bed: Think of it as a tuck into bed and a bedtime story.

After work: Destress after a long, hectic day at the office!

After the gym: Ease your aching muscles and relax!

A night in: TREAT YO SELF… to netflix and your bed. We’re not judging.

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