Introducing Tea Sprinkles ™: REFRESH

Introducing Tea Sprinkles ™: REFRESH


Let’s get real, your body needs a reboost. This refreshing blend of golden turmeric, pineapple, and orange peel will snap you back into gear asap. Your awesome bod will thank you!

Escape the chaos and get refreshed! This tropical blend will take you away and bring you back better than ever. The benefits of this tea aid in resetting your body to get you moving again!

Turmeric, the ultimate healer, promotes anti-inflammation and joint health keeping you body in power mode to get going! Working with Turmeric, pineapple works with Turmeric to with immune and bone support to give you a fresh start. In addition, Pineapple aids digestion to keep you feeling ready for anything! The last ingredient in REFRESH is orange peel adding to immunity by enhancing vitamin C in the body and making you are always on top of your game.

When do you need to REFRESH? If you’re feeling like you need to snap out of it, you probably could use REFRESH. Check out what when we suggest you reset:


In the morning: Give yourself a new start in the AM!

At work: Reset your body and get going!

After a hangover: Refresh and recover after a night out!

After a workout: Get back into the swing of things post gym sesh or yoga class!