Introducing The New School of Tea: Tea Sprinkles™

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Tea Sprinkles are our new line of unsweetened #MOOD teas that dissolve in your cup. Comprised of organic teas, spices, and herbs -- Tea Sprinkles fuel you day and night.

There's a tea for every #MOOD:

GLOW promotes skin radiance, REFRESH promotes immunity, BOOST is for natural increased energy, and CHILL for relaxation.



Make your skin radiant! This sweet and spicy combination will have your skin making you feel like a new you! All of its ingredients promote healthier, hydrated skin; therefore making it the perfect addition to your skin regimen or routine!


Escape the chaos and get refreshed! This tropical blend will take you away and bring you back better than ever. The benefits of this tea aid in resetting your body to get you moving again!


Sometimes you need the extra push to stay in the groove. Kick start your day or afternoon slump with this spicy citrus combo. The natural benefits are endless to your body and your mind!


Taking a classic stress reducer like chamomile tea and adding this lightly sweet twist on it is just what the doctor ordered. With the benefits of this tea, you’re sure to wind down in no time.


Get out there and channel your #mood! Your body will thank you!

Tea Sprinkles are now available for pre-order here. Teas will ship no later than 3/15/2018. 

Welcome to the New School of Tea. Class is now in session! 

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