Introducing the Tea Club and Tea + Chat Series

Introducing the Tea Club and Tea + Chat Series

Often when I drink tea, I’m concurrently watching or reading an inspirational interview, or perhaps even independently journaling. I thought about how many others in the world might use their tea break similarly - as a time to reconnect to oneself and/or be inspired to live well. 

The NEW Tea & Chat series included with our Tea Club Subscription is a product of my desire to bring useful “How to Live” concepts into your daily tea ritual. The goal is to give you time and space amidst your busy life to tend to your own needs and curiosity. Each month, we will include a meaningful yet condensed interview with a domain expert across all facets of life - from relationships, to self-care, to financial independence. These interviews will be accompanied by a short, yet powerful challenge for you to accomplish that month. 

The Tea Club Subscription includes:

  • Try 3 NEW Tea Varieties each month (15 individually wrapped Tea Drops)
  • FREE Surprise Gift each month
  • Access to Tea Drops community forum
  • Monthly Tea + Chat series with rotating guests
  • Only $25/month + FREE shipping

My hope is that you not only enjoy a tea break, but that you also find meaningful inspiration in our Tea & Chat series. Inspiration that keeps nudging you forward.  


This Month’s Tea + Chat:

Katie Levatic, founder of the original DIY Retreat “The Reset Ritual

Katie Levatic is the founder of The Reset Ritual, a travel-inspired guide to mindful living with tips and tools to help you enrich your escapes and live a life well explored, at home or away. 

A note from Katie:

“January brings fresh-start energy, lofty resolutions and big goals. However, before you jump into a season of doing, it’s important to give yourself time to reflect, reset and simply be. 

Fortunately, with a little planning, you can create your own enriching escape whether it’s in a nearby town, at home or while you’re away on vacation. Whether it’s a week, a day or an hour—it’s up to you. 

Pour a cup of tea and let’s dream up a mini retreat you can do anywhere, anytime.”

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