It's World Water Day! No water. No tea.

It's World Water Day! No water. No tea.

Across the world there are many countries that lack access to clean water. Up to 70% of people in these communities are living without the 5 gallons of water (per day) that we need to survive. With that being said, 663 million people on our planet still lack access to safe, clean drinking water.

This World Water Day, Tea Drops invites you to join us and our partners, Thirst Project to help provide clean water to those in need. If didn't already know, Tea Drops donates clean water with every box of tea sold through Thirst Project's clean water initiative.

Thanks to you:
  • Over 24,000 people now have 1 year of clean water
  • Over 1,000 people now have clean water for life
  • We have built 2 permanent water wells in Swaziland, Africa



To read more about Thirst Project's clean water mission click here.