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 Wednesday, July 22nd 5:45pm EST

Our Intern, Lauren, hosts a Q+A and 10-min meditation with

Jenni Cunningham-Ryan, a certified yoga instructor + leader of meditation.

Jenni Cunningham-Ryan

Known for her focus on alignment in a fun but vigorous way, Jenni has become one of Ithaca's revered teachers for spiritual seekers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Bringing a strong awareness of the Ashtanga fundamentals into her classes, Jenni teaches power styles of yoga to all levels, ages, and abilities in a balanced way. Her private sessions and classes are based on the Ashtanga system with a strong sense of creativity that allows the practitioner to participate to his or her ability. With an emphasis on core engagement ("A strong core is a strong body is a strong mind"), her classes are designed to rinse the whole body from head to toe. Students will be guided to connect with their sense of strength and flexibility in a safe and practical manner each time they step foot on the mat.