Tea Drops x Doyenne's "The Feast"

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Tea Drops was happy to be a partner at Doyenne’s “The Feast” featuring "nourishment for the senses, stomachs, and minds." Doyenne brings together outstanding leaders from across industries to provide relationships and build experiences to help women grow in the world today.

Included at Doyenne events like "The Feast" are workshops, interactive programs, and fireside chats with some of the best and brightest women in the game. From learning to create whisky cocktails to hearing the journey and transformation of other women both personally and professionally, Doyenne creates opportunities for women to network, learn, and thrive.

Doyennes come from every industry and include, but are not limited to founders, activists, TV personalities, creators, and executives.

We thank Doyenne for letting us be a partner at their “The Feast” event but also for creating a community for women that “catalyzes connections, advocacy, and collaboration.” To learn more about Doyenne visit their site here.

All photo credit to: Ashley Randall Photography

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