The 10 Best Teas For An Upset Stomach

The 10 Best Teas For An Upset Stomach

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Whether from overindulgence, a chronic condition like IBS, or if your period is set to show up, there are a thousand different reasons for stomach upset. Abdominal pain, cramps, and sudden or irregular toilet habits can be a drag and can completely kill your day. For those who want to skip out on the over counter medicines for something a little more natural, turning to herbal tea for an upset stomach could be the best solution.


Herbal teas come with many healing properties, from fighting inflammation to bringing a cooling touch and healing the stomach lining. Some even have antispasmodic properties which can cut out cramping and bring you back up to feeling bright and easy once more. Find out exactly which teas can help when it comes to freeing yourself from stomach aches and pains…


What Type of Tea Soothes An Upset Stomach

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Herbal teas are the best for healing an upset stomach as they tend to be soft and gentle and free from caffeine and tannins. Caffeine is a diuretic and sometimes our stomachs can be sensitive to the higher levels of caffeine found in coffee. Black tea and other teas from the camellia sinensis plant tend to contain less caffeine than a cup of coffee but herbal tea is caffeine-free. Light and easy teas are the best for stomachache as those that don’t have a too strong taste are less likely to overwhelm. As an added benefit to all those healing properties, herbal tea also keeps you hydrated which helps your body stay regular.


Research: Soothing an Upset Tummy Pain with Tea

There has been a ton of research into how tea helps to heal an upset stomach. Whether it’s a close look at the gastro and pharmaceutical benefits and effects of green tea or how chamomile can bring its healing benefits to the body, the studies around tea and stomach ache don’t come from new-age thinking but are ancient remedies that are solidly backed up by science. For each tea, we mention there’s scientific data to cement the fact that this tea can help treat the symptoms of stomach ache, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastrointestinal upsets like diarrhea, flatulence, and even constipation. 


10 Tea to Settle an Upset Stomach 

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Rather than parking yourself as close to the bathroom as possible, you may just find relief for all our digestive issues by brewing up one of these natural teas. Keep reading to find out which teas we are turning to whenever our stomach starts to cramp…


Fennel Tea 

Keep your digestive system fighting fit with easy dreamy fennel tea. The Romans were so in love with the humble little fennel seed, believing that fennel had the power to prolong life as it nurtured vitality and strength in all who consumed it. Fennel is a great tea for getting the gastric juices flowing which is exactly what is needed for a healthy digestive system and reduction in stomach upsets. This tea also has antispasmodic properties and can help heal everything from gastroenteritis to hernias. Next time your stomach starts to twist and turn, be sure to reach for the fennel tea.


Ginger Tea

Known as being one of the best tummy soothing teas, the humble ginger root is all about easing pains, cramps, bloat, and inflammation to keep you feeling clean on the inside. Ginger tea is awesome for nausea and stomach upsets which is why it's such a firm fave with pregnant people for morning sickness, those on medication that makes them queasy and anyone who gets motion sickness too. Even beyond the head in a bowl syndrome, ginger tea has also been studied for its effect on easing IBS, reducing bloat and gas, and using those anti-inflammatory properties to keep you regular and moving.


Green Tea

Gorgeous green tea is one of the best healers out there. This superfood brew is brimming with antioxidants and brings a ton of benefits to the body. Along with helping heart health, sharpening the mind, and boosting metabolism, green tea is also a very real remedy for dealing with an upset stomach. This gentle grassy brew is rich in anti-inflammatory properties meaning that it keeps your digestive system smooth and free from swelling. It’s also a dab hand at treating ulcers, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and indigestion too.


Licorice Tea 

While not a taste for everyone, the sweet and aniseed like flavor of licorice can actually help to heal your stomach-ache. Licorice tea comes from brewing up the licorice root – an ancient Chinese and Egyptian practice that is renowned for its medicinal magic. Licorice can help your digestive system as it is full of anti-inflammatory properties. Not only can licorice tea lend its soothing touch quickly but it also helps heal your stomach in the long-term as it helps the stomach lining rejuvenate and heal. For those who suffer from indigestion on a regular basis, licorice tea brings even better news. Studies have pointed towards a double daily dose of licorice tea helping to reduce the impact of indigestion.


Tulsi Tea

Fragrant and full of spiritual properties, Tulsi also goes by the lofty name of holy basil and is considered to be an adaptogen herb. This means that Tulsi is awesome at adapting your system to suit current needs and has long been associated with being a tea for anxiety, stress, and helping the body to heal. If you tend to suffer upset stomachs as part of stress fallout, this herb can sweep in and keep you calm. Not only can the ritual of making a cup of Tulsi soothe your system, but the research shows that this tea may help to reduce ulcers and therefore can protect against GERD, nausea, heartburn, and other digestive pain too.


Peppermint Tea

Gentle, cleansing, and with a refreshing palate that seems to soothe from tip to toe, there’s a reason peppermint tea is such a popular choice for after dinner. This gloriously minty tea made from peppermint leaves is naturally fragranced with peppermint oil which is known to reduce stomach aches and pains in both adults and children. Along with pinpointing and getting rid of pain, peppermint can also relax the intestinal muscles and increases bile flow which invites faster digestion and reduces stomach upset.


Chamomile Tea

Calming chamomile is one of the best healing teas inviting you to settle down and relax. There’s nothing cozier than curling up with a steaming cup of chamomile and this gentle floral brew brings quick relief to all kinds of tummy troubles. Chamomile is full of flavonoids and other fun things which contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. With its natural relaxant properties, it invites your digestive system to chill out and reduces discomfort caused by gas, bloating, indigestion, nausea, and diarrhea.


Bush Tea

Also known as rooibos tea, this reddish-brown brew may surprise you to know that it's actually caffeine-free and a herbal remedy, Bush tea has a stronger tea-like flavor compared to other herbal brews but it doesn’t skip out on any healing benefits. Bush tea is naturally anti-inflammatory and an immune system booster, both of which are excellent qualities when dealing with digestive woes. Rooibos tea also has antispasmodic qualities to reduce pain and has quercetin, vitexin, and orientin in the ingredients list, all of which help ease the digestive system too.


Spearmint Tea 

Another of the magical minty teas, spearmint tea may share any properties with peppermint but it comes with a slightly sweeter taste and also has a compound called carvone which is full of brilliant benefits. Carvone helps to cut down on muscle contractions in your digestive tract which can reduce stomach pain and even cut down on nasty IBS side effects and symptoms too. Spearmint is such a strong soother that it has even been found to block certain strains of bacterial growth in the belly meaning that sipping this sweet minty tea can keep foodborne illnesses and stomach upsets at bay.


Black Tea 

While steering clear of caffeine teas and sticking to herbal remedies is beneficial when dealing with dippy stomachs, black tea can bring its robust healing nature to get you back on track. The camellia sinensis plant from which black tea is born is stuffed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boost your overall health. Black tea has also been studied and found to be incredibly effective when it comes to treating diarrhea. If you have an upset stomach be sure to drink black tea in moderation especially if you have a sensitivity to caffeine.


How To Make Herbal Tea for an Upset Stomach

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For those wanting to whip up a quick and easy herbal tea to heal the stomach, take a look at this simple tea recipe for getting your gut feeling good fast.


Chamomile Fennel tea

  •        1 teaspoon of chamomile (or a chamomile tea drop)
  •        1 teaspoon of fennel
  •        300 ml of hot water


Add your chamomile and fennel into a pan with boiling water. Let it boil up together for around five minutes before straining into a cup and sipping. You can drink this every few hours until your pain starts to ease.


Ginger Tulsi Tea

  •        1 teaspoon dried Tulsi leaves
  •        Fresh ginger chunk (or ginger tea drop)
  •        Honey to taste
  •        300ml hot water


Place the tea leaves and ginger into a tea strainer and place in your cup. Add boiling water to the cup and allow the tea to steep for 5-7 minutes. Take out the strainer and add a little honey to taste. Sit back and enjoy.



Effects of Drinking Excessive Tea

Herbal teas are brimming with beautiful health benefits and can help with everything from easing stomachache to calming the nervous system and helping you sleep. Many herbal teas have barely any side effects and can be consumed safely. However, sometimes stronger teas on an empty stomach can irritate your system. Drinking too much tea with caffeine can also lead to side effects if you consume too much.


For those who want to reduce the potentiality for side effects from tea, we suggest drinking light teas and opting for dried leaves and tea bags or tea drops rather than freshly picked leaves. We also suggest consuming tea in moderation.



Say farewell to all your stomach woes and tummy troubles as you amp up your herbal tea intake the next time you feel a pang of pain or worrying rumble. Forever soothing and full of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healing compounds, these teas could be essential in helping to heal your gut and to help your body and mind find its positive flow.


What are your go-to types of tea when it comes to helping heal stomachache? Share your favorite recipes and remedies for all your stomach problems with us in the comments. 


Medical Disclaimer: While we have delved into the research available on the health benefits of tea and stomach upset, this is for informative purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. Those who have any health-related queries should be sure to reach out to their medical professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.