The Ultimate Tea Gift Guide

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With the holidays around the corner, it's time to start thinking about those hard to shop for friends! Don't worry, we've got you covered! Everyone from your ultra trendy Instagram obsessed friend to your friend who's always off the grid camping in the mountains... there's Tea Drops for everyone. Take a look and get to shoppin'!

For your Instagram influencer friend:

Tea Sprinkles

Tea Sprinkles are unsweetened, functional, organic tea powders. These mood teas comprised of finely ground, nutrient herbs & teas dissolve in your cup of hot water and come in unique blends (think Turmeric, Pineapple, Orange Peel). Tea Sprinkles fuel your body and mind! Great for the friend who likes to take it easy on the sugar.


For your healthy yogi friend:

Wellness Bundle

Enjoy our powerhouse duo bundle of Turmeric and Matcha Green Tea Drops. With this bundle you get an assortment of antioxidant rich teas in both caffeinated and caffeine free options for your friend who is all about wellness.


For your friend who loves tea and hates coffee and won't let you forget it:

Our Sampler Boxes

Our tea gift assortment features our most popular Tea Drops and comes in a keepsake wooden box! With a variety of drops, your friend will be all set!




For your adventurous friend who lives in an airstream part time:

Single Serve Pack of 3

Single serve Tea Drops packed individually, that are great for camping, gifting, and simply being on the go!

For your friend who takes public transit:

Immunity Boost Bundle

For your whiny friend who can never go out because they're always sick. Boost their immunity and elevate their taste buds with our Immunity Bundle featuring our caffeine-free favorites of Citrus Ginger Tea Drops and REFRESH Tea Sprinkles.

For your friend with a sweet tooth:

Thai Iced Tea Kit

Enjoy a Thai classic with our Thai Iced Tea kit, including everything you need to make five blissful servings of this full-bodied caffeinated green tea with a touch of sweetened condensed milk. This traditional tea is best served iced with your favorite Asian cuisine, or to simply be enjoyed on a hot afternoon. Give this as a gift and insist they make you a glass, too!



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