2 Fast & Easy Turmeric Tea Recipes

2 Fast & Easy Turmeric Tea Recipes

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While you may think turmeric is a spice to brighten up your homemade curries and soups, it’s also an incredible warming spice that works wonders when you brew it up for tea. Turmeric is no new-age remedy; this root has been around for centuries and has long been used for its natural healing properties but also because it's downright delicious. For all those tea lovers out there who are intrigued to know a little more about the benefits of turmeric tea and to find out the best recipes for brewing up their own golden milk, get ready to dive right in. Here, we talk about the best turmeric tea recipe and how to make it at home. Let’s go.


What Is Turmeric Tea?

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Turmeric tea comes from steeping turmeric powder or turmeric root with hot water or milk to make a beverage. The turmeric root is part of the ginger family but comes from a plant called Curcuma Longa. It’s a common ingredient in eastern cooking but it is also known for its health-boosting properties.


For over four thousand years, turmeric has been used as a health supplement across the world. There’s evidence that this rugged little golden root was found in ancient pots in New Delhi but has even been found in China, Africa, and Jamaica as far back as 700 AD. Make no mistake, turmeric is an age-old healer and an essential part of ayurvedic medicine too. There are tons of ways people choose to take turmeric -whether adding it to cooking, popping supplements, or drinking it in tea. That’s right, nothing tells your body to brighten its health and wellbeing like a warm cup of turmeric tea – it truly is sunshine in a cup.


This yellow immune-boosting powder or root is an anti-inflammatory dream and is often added to coconut milk or other types of milk to make the famed golden milk or as it’s also known – a turmeric latte. Turmeric tea is said to be one of the most effective ways of consuming the spice and the brew itself is bold and delicious with tasting notes of spicy pepper and rich sweet earth. At least this is what the powder form can bring, the root itself is closer to ginger and just as the color would suggest comes laced with just a hint of orange. Because of its earthy and robust flavor it goes awesome with creamy milk that tends to lift it up and make it more palatable. But you can also skip the milk and make a bright and zesty turmeric tonic tea that blends lemon, ginger, and other good stuff with your turmeric too. You can have this tea as a morning shot or an afternoon pick me up – hot or cold, whatever you prefer.


Not only is turmeric tea totally drinkable and truly delicious, but it is also loaded with incredible health benefits too.


Why Should You Drink Turmeric Tea?

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Turmeric is one of nature's most potent anti-inflammatories and curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) is a ripe antioxidant that gets to work on keeping cells safe and strong. Drinking turmeric tea can do everything from supporting brain function to preventing cancer and acting as a natural pain reliever. Let’s take a closer look at the major healing ingredients you can find tucked up in your turmeric tonic tea.


3 Healing Ingredients of Turmeric Tonic

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Turmeric – say hello to the leader of the pack. The star ingredient of your tonic is of course – turmeric. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, and this killer compound boasts incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers.


Ginger – turmeric and ginger are perfect partners (unsurprising considering they are from the same family). Ginger is another quickfire healer and is here to reduce inflammation and boost immunity. It’s also a great root for overcoming digestive issues and cutting out nausea.


Lemon – a detox dream, lemon juice is awesome at balancing your PH levels thanks to its alkaline levels and thanks to its abundance of vitamin C it can also help to up your immunity and keep your digestive system regular.


Nutrition Facts About Turmeric Tea 

For a 2 cup serving of turmeric tea, you can expect to ingest about 37 calories. This means that turmeric tea is a good low-calorie choice for those who want to stay hydrated and healed. Turmeric tea is also rich in vitamin C and comes with all the good stuff including potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other riches your body craves. We have a breakdown of all the nutritional benefits you can expect from ginger, lemon, turmeric tonic below.


Protein: 0.2g

Carbohydrates: 10.3g

Sugars: 8.7g

Fat: 0.1g

Vitamin C: 5.4mg

Folate: 1mcg

Calcium: 18.7mg

Iron: 0.4mg

Magnesium: 5mg

Potassium: 35.9m

Sodium: 8.1mg


How to Make Turmeric Tea Perfectly

Here we have two easy and awesome recipes for making turmeric tea. One that fits the golden milk profile and another quick zesty tonic for when you want to skip out on the creaminess. These step by step recipes are as simple as can be and keeps you loaded up on all the turmeric goodness you need.


Golden Milk

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Whether you want a winter warmer or a cozy curl on the sofa brew, this golden milk is pure magic for your body, mind, and soul.


  • ½ cup of milk (if you don’t drink dairy you can use almond, coconut milk, or whatever your fave alternative is)
  • 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric powder
  • ½ teaspoon of ginger (powder or grated root)
  • ½ teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Twist of black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey or any other preferred sweetener



1. Pour the milk into a small saucepan

2. Add the turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and honey or sweetener

3. Bring to a boil and then quickly lower the heat to a simmer

4. Let the mixture simmer away together for ten minutes

5. Use a strainer to strain the golden milk into a cup

6. Enjoy!

(You can also stash any extra or leftover turmeric tea in your refrigerator for a couple of days)


Turmeric Tonic

turmeric, lemon, carrots and oranges on wooden table with juice


Take a look at this fresh and funky turmeric tonic. Perfect for your morning yoga practice or served over ice as a summer health quencher, this tonic is here to give your immune system an incredible boost.



  • 2 cups of water
  • ½ teaspoon ground turmeric powder
  • ½ teaspoon chopped or grated ginger (ground ginger is also fine)
  • 1 fresh lemon slice
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon (optional)



1. Add water to a small saucepan and bring to the boil.

2. Add in the turmeric, fresh ginger, and cinnamon.

3. Put on medium to low heat and let it all simmer for ten minutes.

4. Use a tea strainer and strain the liquid into a glass or cup.

5. Add the lemon slice and honey for taste.

6. Enjoy!


How to Customize Your Turmeric Tea Recipe

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One of the best things about turmeric tea is that there are so many ways you can jazz it up. Completely customizable, turmeric is a robust and versatile root that goes well when blended with a whole host of different teas and flavor profiles. Here are some ideas to help you shake up your turmeric tea and put your own stamp on it.


  • Add turmeric to a green tea base for a sip-worthy superfood experience.
  • Blend turmeric with your chamomile tea bag for a wind-down bedtime treat.
  • Instead of ground cinnamon, add a cinnamon stick to your milk or brew.
  • Mix in some maple syrup for a warming fall experience.
  • Grate a little nutmeg on top for extra sweet spice.
  • If you want an even sweeter treat, a dash of vanilla extract goes a long way
  • Make a ginger and mint tea and add in some turmeric.
  • For a summer special, make a turmeric tonic and add orange juice for extra zest
  • Add some apple cider vinegar and turn your brew into a detox tea recipe.
  • Throw in a pinch of cayenne pepper to bring health-boosting spiciness to your brew.
  • For a simple morning start add turmeric to your lemon water and jump start your morning routine.


Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea 

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There are endless benefits to bringing turmeric tea into your life. As we’ve mentioned, the active ingredient of curcumin has so many incredible powers and this is one of the major reasons to say yes to the golden glory of turmeric tea. If you want to help your body to get even more out of the turmeric tea drinking experience, make sure you add that crack of black pepper as it helps your body to absorb the benefits better. We take a little look at just a handful of health benefits you can expect when you say yes to our delicious recipes for turmeric tea… 



FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions About Turmeric Tea

How much turmeric tea should you drink a day?

If you want to get the most benefit from your relationship with turmeric tea it is advised to sip two cups a day. This is because each teaspoon of turmeric contains around 200 mg of the active ingredient curcumin. To get the best health benefits from curcumin it is recommended to have between 500-1000mg per day. If you can’t take that much turmeric in your tea, you can also supplement by adding some turmeric to your cooking or picking a supplement that works for you.


Is it okay to drink turmeric tea at night?

Yes, thanks to its gentle warming nature, turmeric tea is an awesome addition to your bedtime routine. Turmeric has even been shown to help the body unwind and relax which could help you to let go of any tension and stress and fall into a deeper more restful sleep. Turmeric tea is also caffeine free.


When should I drink turmeric tea?

You can enjoy turmeric tea any time of day. We suggest having a turmeric tonic in the morning as this will help to stir up your metabolism and set you up for healthy digestion throughout the day. You can also enjoy turmeric tea after mealtimes, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or as a bedtime sweet dream booster too.


Wrap Up

Yummy turmeric tea is a wonder. We love this golden cozy brew and the bounty of benefits it brings. Whether you sip it with warm milk latte style or shake yourself a simple tonic, it's bound to be an uplifting experience either way. You can also add turmeric to existing teas too. Peppermint tea is an amazing playmate for turmeric as is ginger tea, chamomile tea, and green tea too. Be bold when it comes to your tea drinking and get all the goodness you can because your health is totally worth it.


What are your thoughts on turmeric tea – do you prefer the creamy golden milk or are you all about the tonic shot for a wonderful wellness boost? Or do you just love other more traditional types of tea instead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


Medical Disclaimer: While we have delved into the research available on the health benefits of these teas, this is for informative purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. Those who have any health-related queries should reach out to a medical professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.