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Branded Can Shaped Glass

Branded Can Shaped Glass

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Get ready to turn up the fun factor during your tea time! Our ultra-modern and super trendy tea glass is here to bring some serious joy to your sipping experience! Whether you prefer iced tea, iced lattes, or boba drinks, our Tea Drops glass will be the perfect companion. With its eye-catching design and bold statement, it's not just a glass, it's an experience.

Product details


Since this glassware is hand blown, slight variances in shape, size and color may occur. These variances are part of the inherent charm of handmade products, and should not be considered a fault. Any irregularities that may occur will never deter from the overall aesthetic of the product, or hinder its ability to be used as intended.


Color: Transparent

Top diameter: 60mm

Bottom diameter: 50mm

Height: 130mm

Capacity: 350ml / 11.8oz

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass, hand blown



How to use

Although dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing with a soft bristle brush as this is a precious piece! Avoid using strong alkali soaps, as these may damage the glass.

Take care not to bump glassware against hard surfaces or other vessels during cleaning. Avoid putting ice directly in the empty glass; add the liquid first, then add ice if desired and drink up!

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      Think outside the bag.

      Dissolve in Seconds
      Instantly Steeps
      Bold in Taste
      USDA Organic
      Ethically Sourced
      No microplastics or bleach
      15% less waste


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