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Strawberry Matcha Honey Boba Kit (3 Servings)

Strawberry Matcha Honey Boba Kit (3 Servings)

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Get ready to fall in love with our organic strawberry matcha honey boba tea! Made with premium grade Japanese matcha, this antioxidant-rich cup is paired with our honey boba pearls, made with real honey. Experience the delightful flavor of fresh strawberries, in a full-bodied, perfectly sweet bubble tea that will refresh and energize you. Say goodbye to sluggish mornings and hello to a day-fueling energy boost! Just add your choice of milk.


3 Servings of Strawberry Matcha Tea Drops + 3 Servings of Honey Boba 

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Our boba drinks are:

Makes in 3 minutes or less
Chewy, soft texture
Not tea powder - 100% premium tea
Easy to prepare
Perfectly Sweet

Transform your moment in seconds

Our USDA organic and ethically sourced bagless tea elevates your teatime with bold, high-quality, and flavorful brews.

  • Tea
  • Boba
  • Latte
  • Jelly
Hot tea

Drop your Tea Drop into your cup and add 4-6oz hot water. Stir. Enjoy!

Iced tea

Drop your Tea Drop into your cup and add 4oz boiling water. Stir, then pour over a cup of ice. Add 4oz cold water. Feeling fancy? Top with our jellies, fresh fruit or your favorite garnish.

Boba pearls

In the microwave: Cut the packet open, add to a microwave-safe container, and microwave for 20-30 seconds.

On the stove: Place the packet in boiling water for one minute..

Boba tea

Drop your Tea Drop into your cup, add 4oz water and then stir until the tea dissolves. In a separate cup, add your heated boba, then pour in your tea and add ice.

Mix in a creamer of your choice and enjoy!

Hot latte

Drop your Tea Drop into a cup and add 8oz hot water. Pour in your milk of choice, stir and sip!

Iced latte

Drop your Tea Drop into a cup and add 4oz hot water. Stir until the drop dissolves, then add 2 oz of cold water and top with ice.

Jelly topping

Want an extra pop of flavor in your tea? Try adding a jelly to your hot tea, iced tea, latte, or even boba. Our single serve packets help you create that cafe experience in seconds.

Either add it to your cup first before you pour over your tea, or use it as a delicious topper to get your tastebuds singing.


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